Hang Tight!

hang tight


You may have noticed a slow turn out of posts in these last couple weeks, and that the blog is looking a little different with that black header. Rather than just go radio silent on this pause in posting and design change, I wanted to fill you in!

I’m looking into self-hosting my blog, versus continuing to have it hosted by WordPress.com as it is now. This will give me more freedom when it comes to customization and capabilities, at a better price. I’ve had such a good experience with WordPress, but in an effort to continue growing my blog, I know taking this next step will really push me to learn and control more on my own.

This transition comes with more maintenance and technical responsibility on my part, so I want to make sure I do it right – meaning lots of research currently being done. I’m quite intimidated, but love that this is challenging me and I’m getting to expand my knowledge in this area.  It’s a move I’ve talked about for quite awhile, and once this design renewal bump came around (hint the black line the header), I knew it was time to just do it.


I’d love to hear about any advice or tools you love that relate to this blogger move! Any hosts you suggest?? Articles you found super insightful?? I know our online communities are such a resource in transitions like this. 🙂


I hope you’ll hang tight as I work to make this change and stay tuned. Hoping to be back up posting in just a month – or less – because I’m definitely missing it!

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