Welcome, friends! I’m Dayna.

Lover of love stories. Most likely to be found on the dance floor. Rarely meet a margarita I don’t like.

I started Days By Day years ago as a creative outlet when I was a little ol’ college student Chicago-bound for a big advertising internship. Well, things escalated quickly – I fell so in love with the city, decided to move there after graduation, my boyfriend now husband came too (love you, E!), and we lived there 6 magical years. We’ve been back in Austin for about a year and a half (where we met at the University of Texas, hook ’em!),  and are discovering so many new things about this booming city.

Despite my best efforts, life happens and my consistency on the blog has waivered, but things that haven’t? My passion for writing, photography, travel and style that brought me here in the first place.

I have loved sharing a variety of things and it’s a space I’ve always been proud of. I’ve been lucky to make some wonderful friends, partner with some incredible brands, and capture memories in hopes they can inspire adventure for others too, or at least make them smile.

I’m honored you’re here and hope you feel inspired to continue, or like me, maybe return to, any of the above that you might enjoy too!

For some more tidbits (and major throwbacks, eek!), check out some favorite posts below:

Also, MORE FUN IS ON INSTA – like our cute dog, Hugo, and travel highlights. Follow along, won’t ya?

ways to build boundaries

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A quick note – on the blog, you might come across affiliate links, which means I may get a small commission. In including these, I’m aiming to connect you with brands and products I love! Please know, all opinions are my own and if it’s here, then I really mean it.


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      Thank you so much for this nomination! Love checking out your blog as well! Can’t wait to look more into this over the weekend 🙂

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