Lots of Flowers, Little Green Thumb

fresh flowers

I love fresh flowers so much. They’re up there on my list of favorite things, with brunch and dogs.

I love other little plants, like succulents and cacti too – the thing is that I’m just don’t have the greatest green thumb to keep them alive. My proudest success story is my very first succulent, named Betty (my mom’s teenage nickname), that thrived in Austin. Since I couldn’t take her on the plane to Chicago, she safely made the road trip with me back home when moving from Austin, and now happily resides on my parents’ bathroom window ledge. Thanks mom for keeping her alive.

I got a succulent here in Chicago last fall…and I cannot say I had the same victory. RIP.

Eric also is the sweetest and got me a cute mini orchid, but all the flowers fell off rather quickly and so I threw it away…only to find out that this is normal for orchids and that it was still very much alive…how was I supposed to now this?! Eric was very sad when he walked in my room, only to realize that I tossed it thinking I had killed something yet again. Ugh, and in the end I did. See?? I’m the worst.

I’m still pretty good when it comes to keeping bouquets of flowers alive for a reasonable amount of time, and those are really my favorite to have around. Most recently, Pedro, Eric’s brother, bought me some gorgeous lilies when he came to visit for Easter. They came with no instructions, so I was quick to panic, but I’ve just been winging it and it’s worked better than instructions ever did so far!  Mwahaha. I also just think it could be that I have them on a bar stool in our living room – getting much more light than my desk.

Update: This post is being shared a few weeks after it was written…I’m sad to report the lilies are no longer looking as beautiful. But like let’s remember them at their best moment, am I right?

fresh flowers

Last week, Eric brought me just because flowers – ugh, did I mention he’s the best – and they were quickly placed in a vase, and positioned next to the lilies. I even got Becca to bring out her cool little DIY succulent garden that a friend sent for her birthday. So basically, I’ve created this bar stool, apartment mini garden and I think I’ve got a little thing going…for now anyways.

Update: Becca, Eric, and I are convinced that whatever powder these Trader Joe’s flowers came with was actually drugs because the flowers still look like this. Truly magical.

fresh flowers

fresh flowers


What plants work good in apartments and can deal with only a fair amount of light? Tell me in the comments so I can keep this baby going!

A last note – if you’ve followed the blog this year, you might remember a Friday series I started called Currently. I love that a post like this let’s me share a snapshot of what I’m learning, loving, reading, cooking, hoping etc. at that moment in life. As I strayed to talk about my love for blooms today, I still planning to keep Currently up, bi-weekly or monthly cadence tbd! Check out other posts from the series here, here, and here. 🙂


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