I recently discovered two restaurants in Chicago that I think have instantly become two of my favorites! These new Windy City eats involve pizza and waffles. What’s not to love?? I wanted to share these delicious… View Post

Anytime Mama Reyna comes in, I know it’s going to be a good weekend. When she called a few weeks ago asking if I’d be her date for a wedding not far from Austin, there was… View Post

This weekend I checked off a huuugeee item of fun off my list that was long overdue – a weekend visit to see my high school bestie, Madeline, at her Fort Worth stomping grounds. Madeline is absolutely… View Post

We are a family that loves being in the kitchen – my parents and Annika mostly for whipping up phenomenal dishes, me mostly for taste testing or assisting with basic recipe tasks. So one thing I knew my… View Post

While exploring Wicker Park this weekend, my roommate Anne and I got to try the absolutely delicious (and popular) Big Star. This venue, inspired by Mexican street food and complete with an extensive drink menu, was a recommendation from… View Post