The Curly Hair Product You Need To Try

curly hair product

Where my curly hair gals at?

If you’re like me, it might have taken you quite a few years…ok, almost a quarter century to figure out how to style your curls!

By no means do I have it down perfectly, but I did finally find a combination of products that give me full, bouncy curls without feeling hard or crunchy. You guys that have worked your way through lots of product know exactly what I’m talking about…

curly hair product

Since I get asked my favorite curly hair product every so often, I rounded up my regular go-tos and honest suggestions below. The first curl creme on the list is really the star!

Knowing most of us are still operating with very limited physical shopping to keep safe, no worries, these goodies can arrive via Amazon or from other suggested retailers below.

{The Goods}

MorrocanOil Curl Defining Cream ($34.00) // THE STAR. I don’t regularly spend a lot of on make up, but I sure do drop more than the average drug store product cost on my hair routine hero – this curl cream.

It smells heavenly. I unfortunately can’t smell it that much anymore, but I get told by random people all. the. time (yes, random people usually asking me what perfume I wear).

It can be a little hard to track down, as it’s only sold at select salons, so check with your stylist as to where you might be able to get if they don’t carry! Chicago friends, Ingmar James has it for pick up.

I’ve also seen at select Nordstroms. Otherwise, the easiest way to get is on Amazon!

TRESemme Flawless Curls Extra Hold Mousse (~ $5) // THE SUPPORT. I found the creme alone didn’t quite give enough hold, but mixed with the mousse it’s perfect! Alone the mousse would make my hair a little crunchy, but the creme softens and smooths.

TRESemme also makes a regular extra hold mousse, but the flawless curl version really does provide more definition! Easy to order at Walgreens, Target, or Amazon.

Wide Tooth Comb (~ $5) // I haven’t used a regular brush on my hair in YEARS. For curly hair the often say use your fingers or a wide tooth comb to brush it after a shower, or a wide tooth comb that imitates that. I prefer the comb when I first get out of the shower, just a little easier before I use my hands to work in all the product.

curly hair product

{The Routine}

My curly hair looks best when it completely air dries, so I apply this product to damp hair after the shower. Even if I’m not full on shampooing it, I’ll typically hop on to get it wet or condition.

After combing through my hair, I mix a couple pumps of mousse and a couple pumps of curl creme in my hands and run through the center, front of hairline to roots. It’s a mix of combing through and scrunching the bottom, to activate the curls. Then, I repeat on the right and left sides of my head.

If it’s too humid, raining or freezing outside, working with damp hair is sometimes a lost cause! Thankful for cute head wraps or a good ol’ top bun in those moments.

I went the diffusing route before, and didn’t have much luck! If you have tips, comment below – I’d totally try again. What other curly hair product do you love? Send my way!

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curly hair product

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