10 Easy Ways to Celebrate Women’s History Month

ways to celebrate women's history month

Happy Women’s History Month, my loves!

During Women’s History Month, we highlight the contributions of women throughout history and contemporary society.

We should be lifting each other up all year around, but these few weeks give us an extra reason to celebrate and support each other.


And while this month honors all our lady friends, that doesn’t mean the men around us aren’t part of this celebration too!

Our society is stronger when we all empower the women in it. That support comes from anyone and everyone – meaning we need women and men setting this example. We’re all in this together!

With that said, here are 10 easy ways you can celebrate Women’s History Month. What other ideas do you have?

1. Donate your time or funds to organizations that support girls. // Volunteering is one of the most rewarding ways to give back and invest in places championing girls. If you’re short on time this month, why not plan for April, or to donate financially? See below for a few I love.

  • Days For Girls: A non-profit I’ve personally volunteered with and love the heart in! DFG helps provide solutions for periods, health education, and social enterprises to women and girls in over 110+ countries.
  • The Malala Fund: Helping to bolster girls’ secondary education around the world.
  • World Vision: Working to create freedom from poverty, with Jesus at the center of their work. This org supports all children (E & I sponsor one!), but has specific programs empowering girls – like self-defense classes in India. You could choose to sponsor a young lady on a monthly basis, or donate one time.

2. Read an empowering book by a boss lady! // I am fueled and encouraged by other women who share their honest stories. That vulnerability, inspiration, and self-belief rubs off on you.

Two of my actual all-time favorites – both less than $12 on Amazon right now:

3. Take a workout class with a girl-power soundtrack. // Beyoncé. Ariana. Shania. Cardi B. Spice Girls. They’ve all got tracks you can feel fueled by! Check out websites for more niche gyms in your area (like a cycling studio) and see if they’re hosting classes to the tunes of your fave female stars. If you’re a Pelaton app fan, they have “artist series” you can do at home.

4. Write a thank you to a woman in your life that inspires you. // We are strong women (or men!) because strong women have raised, mentored, and cheered us on. Pick up a card and send to the first lady that comes to mind – why are you thankful for the example they’ve set?

Pro Tip: Trader Joe’s has the cutest 99 cent cards. Or grab on-theme post cards like these on Amazon – how freakin’ cool?!

ways to celebrate women's history month ways to celebrate women's history month

Preview image via Amazon

5. GO VOTE. // 2020 marks the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment that gave women the right to vote. Your voice matters. Every vote matters! What better way to celebrate this milestone than by getting out there and exercising this right in the Primary this month?

ways to celebrate women's history month

Image via of Women’s Vote Centennial

6. Support women owned businesses. // I love shopping local, and I love shopping women-owned biz! Lifting each other up is a good feeling and creates the way for more of it.

It might not even be a physical business you’re supporting. How can you support those with online services or platforms (i.e. maybe like your gal right here at Days By Day)?? Share their stuff with a friend, so easy!

A few I love:

7. Watch the documentary, Girl Rising. // This organization started by a film that travels the globe to meet nine awe-inspiring girls, striving beyond circumstance to achieve their dreams. I still get chills thinking about their encouraging stories.

“One girl with courage is a revolution.”  Wow, yes please. Trailer here.

ways to celebrate women's history month

8. Celebrate International Women’s Day – Sunday, March 8th // This day celebrates women achievements, raises awareness against bias, and takes action for equality – allowing everyone to thrive. The theme this year is #EachForEqual, strike the pose to support visually on social.

9. Do something to invest in YOURSELF. // To my ladies out there, doesn’t it make sense to take a moment to give back to ourselves too this month?

A few easy ways:

  • Sign up for that training you’re interested in
  • Take a mental health day and be good to yourself: spa visit, journaling, etc.
  • Make an action plan to take on that side-hustle
  • Watch one of these 10 TED Talks by Women everyone should hear

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10. Inspire your friends & the next generation. // Share this list with your besties and family members! Spread the word so others get involved with one of these 10 easy ways to celebrate Women’s History Month.

And don’t forget about the sweet kiddos in your life! Whether it’s cuddling up to watch a movie featuring their favorite heroine, or reading a book, let’s make sure the next generation feels inspired.

A couple worth snagging:

  • Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls ($20): “Once upon a time” written stories about real-life heroines to inspire the sweetest dreams. (Same brand as the postcards above!)

ways to celebrate women's history month

Preview image via Amazon

ways to celebrate women's history month

Preview image via Amazon

There you have it – 10 easy ways you can celebrate Women’s History Month! If you liked this list, would you share it with a friend? Now, let’s make this month one great party.

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ways to celebrate women's history month

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