How to Save Money on Wedding Flowers

how to save money with flowers

Let’s be real – whether you’ve gotten married, currently planning a wedding, or helped a friend, you know costs can add up QUICK.

Sharing the scoop on how to save money on wedding flowers – ensuring you get your dreamy look, but can be cost effective at the same time!

First, a little behind-the-scenes from E & I’s day we were beyond thankful to have help from our parents…but we also paid for a good chunk of the wedding ourselves. It made us very intentional throughout the process. Every one is different, and with unique circumstances, so I don’t think there’s just one traditional way to fund a wedding anymore!

And at the end of the day, I think we can all agree if there’s a way to be efficient with our money…we’re into it.

wedding part II

So back to flowers.

They were honestly a piece of the wedding puzzle I didn’t know anything about aside from fresh flowers being one of my favorite things. I get giddy when E brings them home, and could browse the farmer’s market stand without making a purchase and leave happy.

But who knew it cost a pretty penny to get married alongside them??

Well, have no fear, find my top tips for how you can save money on wedding flowers are! Bear with me, it might be a bit lengthy, but there’s SO much good stuff below.

  • Pick Local, In-Season Flowers // It’s way cheaper to make bouquets with in-season, in-area florals, as opposed to shipping in an exotic bloom from far away! This isn’t to say if you have a dream flower in mind, it’s a no-go. No way, wedding planning is all about finding the solution!
    • How can you play around with your florist to ensure the must-have flower is a star in a couple key pieces, like the bride’s bouquet or ceremony garland, but not required for centerpieces or bridesmaid bouquets?
    • Alternatively, what if you go 75/25 on local picks, so more expensive options are mixed with cost-effective ones.
    • You’d be surprised by just how many beautiful flowers there really are – ones you’ve never heard of or seen in a supermarket. Bring what you had in mind, and your florist might have local options you love even more!

how to save money on wedding flowers

Gorgeous photos captured by our friends, Feather & Twine Photography

how to save money on wedding flowers

Omg, it poured right before our ceremony…but then a miracle happened! Read here.

  • Repurpose Ceremony Pieces for the Reception // A majority of the time, the space (and sometimes location altogether) where you get married is separate from where the reception is hosted. Since you’ll only be in each area part of the time, repurpose and maximize use!
    • Ceremony decor likely won’t be enough to outfit all of the receipt, but it helps! Consider the below…which we did all of.
      • Use aisle liners and bridesmaid’s bouquets as center pieces
      • Alter decor can be a head table show stopper
      • Bride’s bouquets can spruce up a cake table

how to save money on wedding flowers

how to save money on wedding flowers

how to save money on wedding flowers

  • Incorporate Greenery // If you love the lush vibe, then you’re in luck! Using healthy amounts of greenery can really save because it cost much less to acquire than flowers.
    • This doesn’t mean limit yourself to greens only, but it’s a great filler to make bouquets look larger or to get the bohemian, wildflower style.
    • Some brides are even pursuing greenery only bouquets, and I personally think they’re gorgeous!

how to save money on wedding flowers

wedding part I

  • Bring a Vision and an Open Mind // I didn’t exactly what I wanted, but having my Pinterest  with colors and looks I liked helped. Find a vendor you trust, with work you admire, and bring any sort of ideas you may have!
    • Come excited to learn about options and partner to create your dream look. Don’t forget to ask about vases, candles, and other accessories – florists often do more than just flowers!
    • The pressure is off, you’re not the expert! Know that with clear guidance (budget, dislikes/likes, etc.), your vendors can do the heavy lifting.

things to remember on your wedding day

how to save money on wedding flowers

how to save money on wedding flowers

Eric had this surprise in the bridal suite waiting for me! *crying*

If you’re in the Austin area and need of a wedding florist – we cannot brag enough about Wild Bunches. We loved their kind, energetic team that partnered with us every step of the way and felt like true teammates. Miss you ladies!

Happy planning, loves! Hope this helps if you’re diving into flowers for your big day.

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