The 10 Best Trader Joe’s Products You Need To Try

best trader joe's products

We feel spoiled to live in a neighborhood with lots of good options for groceries…one of those being Trader Joe’s!

I’ve been a T Joe’s fan for quite some time. Mom always found reason to pop over, even for just one thing. With unique items, at a good price, that make life easy – what’s not to love?

E and I are weekly customers, and I’m always telling someone about the latest gold we struck. To make our favorite items easy to share, I rounded up our list of the 10 best Trader Joe’s products you need to try!

  1. Organic Unsweetened Açaí Purée: $4.49 for four individual packets. Perfect for smoothies or açaí bowls, obviously. We throw them in the blender with frozen fruit, almond milk, and top with granola!best trader joe's products
  2. Greeting Cards: NEWS FLASH. T Joe’s has the cutest greeting cards for all occasions and they are only 99¢ – a stationary lover’s trader joe's products
  3. BBQ Chicken Teriyaki: One of my first T Joe’s loves. Completely made in the microwave, comes with sauce packets to dress to taste, and only $4.99. Throw in some veggies + quinoa, and this girl who doesn’t cook has homemade Chinese take trader joe's products
  4. Pizza Dough (Raw): Pick white, wheat, or garlic + herb. One of the best wedding gifts we received was our pizza stone, and this $1.29 dough is our fave to use with it. Bonus: Pick up the pesto, sun dried tomatoes, goat cheese, and chicken sausage while you’re there…now you can make make our favorite ‘ trader joe's products
  5. Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels: We should actually called them a snack lover’s drug. These are so addictive we have to restrain ourselves from purchasing unless we are willing to accept our lack of self-control. They really are better than any other PB pretzels I’ve had (and only $2.49). best trader joe's products
  6. Chicken Enchiladas Verde: The perfect meal for two at $6.99. My mouth is watering just thinking about them. Not spicy for those weaklings like me, just a cheesy and flavorful fiesta in your trader joe's products
  7. Reduced Guilt Mac & Cheese: Let me be the first to promise you, “reduced guilt” does not equal disappointment. I wouldn’t know it was any “healthier” unless someone told me. This mac & cheese is the perfect lunch treat, or dinner side to trader joe's products
  8. Ravioli & Triangoli: We pick and try a new one often! The filling combinations are delectable – my favorites are the goat cheese + sun-dried tomato or butternut squash. No need for pasta sauce, just a little olive oil drizzle!best trader joe's products
  9. Beef Sirloin Taco Kit: Does T Joe’s know their basically giving away free food with this item? Makes 6 juicy tacos for $9.99. Includes salsa! And guac! Cheese! Jalapeno (if spicy is yo’ thing)! As a Texan, and someone who had their dream taco buffet as dinner at her wedding, you can trust this recommendation trader joe's products
  10. Wine: Ok you guys, I’m not even talking about the college two-buck chuck situation. You can basically try any bottle off the shelf and get amazing wines for $4 – $9. Talk about a steal! We read the employee recos and always stock up on a different trader joe's products

Gah, it was very hard to narrow it down to the 10 best Trader Joe’s products you need, so let’s be real – there’s probably a part two coming.

Tell me, what are your best T Joe’s finds??


  1. July 2, 2019 / 11:04 am

    We don’t have a Traders Joe’s and it BUMS ME OUT! The .99 greeting cards! I hope we get one soon!

    • Dayna Reyna
      July 11, 2019 / 6:59 pm

      Oh girl, I hope you get one too!! I wonder if you can get any of their goodies online? Thanks for stopping by! xo Dayna

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