A Delayed Happy New Year: January Thoughts & 2018 Goals

2018 goals

Well, we’re three weeks in, so let me be one of the last to say Happy New Year, friends!

This is my first post in 2018, so while the time for new year’s shenanigans may have past, we’re rolling with it for today.

I always love January. For one, it’s my birthday month and I feel like loving your birthday month is kind of a given. Aside from that, once New Year’s Day comes, it truly feels like a clean breath of fresh air. We’re all going, going, going with the holidays, that when January finally arrives, it’s like whew! we needed this.

It’s a time for dreaming and goal-setting. A time for self-reflection and motivation. A time for cozying up on the couch to hide from the cold with a good book or movie. And one of my favorite parts, a time for planning new travels.

Two weekends ago, we celebrated my birthday in a Michigan cabin full of friends for the third year – it definitely brings feelings of gratitude and excitement for what’s ahead.

2018 goals

So while it’s no secret around here I’m a big dreamer and lover of adventure, I often times don’t do a good enough job for myself at explicitly writing out all those things I’m after. (Did you know you’re 42% more likely to achieve your goals by writing them down?)

And in 2018, I want to ensure I’m really spending times doing the things I love, and that I’m growing and learning throughout the months.

With that, I figured a post spilling out my 2018 goals and dreams couldn’t be more fitting! Here are some things I’m striving for this year

  • Being intentional & mindful. With each moment, am I doing whatever it is with with real attention and purpose? Am I loving others well and truthfully? Am I pursuing my goals and dreams full force, and not letting fear stop me? I want these questions at the forefront this year. I want to consciously be present and live with deliberate passion.

2018 goals

  • Give abundantly. This year, I want to serve more: in my city, in my church, etc. I want to find organizations that allow me to impact those things big on my heart – women, young girls, animals (you guys know I’m pup obsessed).


  • Travel to my bucket list of American cities. E & I think a big international trip is in store for us come 2019, so this year we want to save up and plan trips to the U.S. cities on our list – including Portland, Seattle, Boston, Miami, Scottsdale, & Nashville. Any and all recos are welcomed!

2018 goals

  • Read 20 books. I have always loved to read, but when life has gotten busy, this hobby of mine has slowed down all too much. I no longer want that to be an excuse and have big ambitions for the year. I just finished my first pick – The Glass Castle.


  • Spend time in the Word. The other day, I read something a girlfriend sent me that focused on how I planned to grow spiritually in 2018. It helped me realize how important, or more important, it is to set spiritual goals (just as we set physical, financial goals, etc.) since it feeds into everything else I do! This year, I want to sit in God’s word regularly.

2018 goals

  • Making moves with my passions: writing & event planning. Two things I have always loved, but have fallen even more in love with in the past few years as I’ve built my blog, planned our wedding, and helped others with theirs. I can always feel myself grow antsy when I’m away from the blog for awhile and time fills up with the day-to-day, but I want to brush out any fear of success and be intentional with time towards these passions.


  • Figuring out our next move. E & I have talked forever about living abroad. While we aren’t packing up and leaving Chicago tomorrow by any means, we know within a year or so, we should figure things out so we can really set a plan in motion.

Here’s to making 2018 a year of growing, learning, and investing in what we care about most! What is one of your goals for the year?

Excited to cheer each other on.

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