Changing My Last Name

last name

Ok, so my last name is still legally my maiden name, but we all know once it’s Facebook official, it’s the real deal.

A couple weeks ago I finally made the switch. I was, and without a doubt still am, happy to have Eric’s last name! That was never a question. I just didn’t think changing it would feel or look so strange.

When I logged into Facebook, I was grinning from ear to ear and squealing at how more real it was going to be. First though, I wanted to ensure my maiden name wasn’t totally gone and still searchable.

After doing some research on how I could still keep it in my profile (sharing how below), I was ready for the big update.

last name

I, of course, could not remember my password, which delayed the whole thing. You also can’t change your name for 60 days if you mess up, so it says double check for misspellings. Double check for me became check 100 times, because suddenly, I had no idea how to spell anything.

E confirmed everything looked right and I submitted my new last name.

After a moment, I went from squealing in my seat to watery eyes and sniffle central. I felt like a total weirdo. Why was I about to shed a tear all of a sudden out of no where?

I knew what was going on with the suddenly conflicting feelings. I had it a new last name and it like really hit me. One of the most defining aspects of myself an individual was no longer the same. Staring at my photo, and this new name next to it just felt overwhelming in the moment.

I quickly explained the surprise I was feeling since poor E was definitely a little confused. Next thing I knew, just looking at him had a giant smile on my face. We couldn’t help but laugh away at the newness and hilarity of the whole situation.

I was completely at peace knowing this new last name symbolized the incredible husband I had and the little family we now make up. It made me appreciate my roots and family even more too.

last name

^ Paris in Summer of 2015 – the trip where we got engaged! It’s the best story ever – see here.

***It should be known that E is a real life gem and said I could hypen my last names if I wanted to be like Beyonce. This is why I married him. Hehe.

Oh, and if you’re looking to change your name on Facebook, but still want your maiden name (or any name for that matter) tied to your profile, it’s easy! Just go to your About section > Details About You > Add Name.

Here’s to these random and little moments that make us human and relatable, right? I couldn’t help but share because I know this little glimpse in time was real and raw, and that’s what being true to yourself is all about.

Time to go wrap some gifts, because I’m running behind as usual. How is Christmas already this week??

Days By Day

P.S. Thanks to our dear friends and photographers over at Feather & Twine for a couple of these wedding pic sneak peeks!

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  1. Carmen
    December 20, 2016 / 10:33 am

    Awe, I can relate! Thanks for sharing!

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