Austin Bachelorette Weekend

Austin Bachelorette

This post is long overdue, but one of my favorite weekends ever can’t go undocumented.

Over Labor Day Weekend, all my girls had me feeling like the luckiest bride-to-be as we spent three glorious days soaking up the sun and dancing the nights away for my Austin Bachelorette Party.

I had tossed a couple ideas around for a Bachelorette Bash, but in the end, where else but my favorite place in the Lonestar State would be better?? Most of us were already familiar with ATX from college, or having lived in Texas, which made it a bit easier to organize.

The last big push for Austin was that Eric also wanted to have his Bachelor Party there. If we both went over a holiday weekend, we could knock a few wedding to-dos off our list and the whole wedding party could hang out.

Austin Bachelorette

I was really set on everyone meeting before our big day. I wanted us to all feel like a solid group of friends that could immediately have a good time together at our wedding – not have to do the meet-and-greet stage first – there’d be no time!

All that being said, I could not have imagined a more perfect party with my best friends.  I felt so lucky that all my favorite people were in one house for a whole weekend.

Here’s all the shenanigans we were up to –

FRIYAY // Grilling & Gaming

I knew Friday night everyone would be getting in and likely exhausted from a long week. We didn’t want the night to go to waste though, so all the ladies made their way to the guys’ Airbnb for grilling and games. Turned out the grill was so dirty it would’ve been dangerous to use, so all burgers, chicken, and copious amounts of tater tots were made inside.

SATURDAY // Boats + Margs + Get Dowwwn

One of my top three favorite moments from the weekend was definitely boating for a few hours on Lake Austin. The weather was awesome – we were so lucky the predicted storms scooted away. Morgan was our captain. I claimed myself her first mate because I helped anchor a boat for a first time and felt like a champ.

We danced to a killer playlist and played around with all the fun floaties – including these amazing can flamingos.

Austin Bachelorette

Austin Bachelorette

Austin Bachelorette

For dinner, we grabbed food at Gloria’s on Sixth Street. They’ve got the best bean dip, delicious margaritas, and we’d be able to walk to all the bars. Some of my dearest friends from school joined our crew, and I just remember being so happy looking around at everyone who had come to celebrate with me.

The rest of the night was one big dance party. We wore glow stick bracelets and necklaces to bring even more good vibes and were treated like VIPs the second we stepped out of Gloria’s. Free champagne? Fancy priority seating with cushion benches? Yes and yes. I even got to strut to Bey’s Crazy in Love so I felt complete. We ran into the boys towards the end of the night and everyone was movin’ and groovin’.

Austin Bachelorette

SUNDAY // Brunch, Laziness, & More Dancing

After sleeping in, we were off to do what else but brunch, because obviously everyone knows I’m obsessed. Bacon is one of my favorite places in Austin and I think they might have some of the best chicken & waffles ever!

Austin Bachelorette

That afternoon, we spent being lazy at the house. I’m so glad we had time throughout the weekend with no plans to just be lazy. I highly recommend for any Bachelorette Party, all that sun and dancing really gets ya!

During this time we did a mad lib all about E & I (that Becca actually wrote – it’s fantastic) and a lingerie shower. So fun! Those girls spoil me, it’s ridiculous.

Austin Bachelorette

We eventually went to meet the boys to watch some UT football, and then finished off the weekend at Rainey Street. Rainey is a street of cute little houses turned bars that each have a unique vibe. One of my favorites, Icenhauer’s, had gotten a big wooden stage where we spent most of our night dancing to a wide variety of jams.

So to sum up the weekend – basically give me waffles, a dance floor, and my favorite humans and I’m on cloud nine!

Austin Bachelorette

Thanks to our wedding party for making us feel like the luckiest couple. We love y’all. Can’t wait to reunite in 11 DAYS.

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