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counting down

Two posts in one week, what what! Life is a little chaotic right now and that means I just gotta do the best I can – because not everything is going to get done all the time. Whether that be laundry, blogging, cleaning, etc. Anyone with me??

Even though life is chaotic, it’s also very, very exciting! 44 days left until Eric and I get married – eeeek!!! Now that we’re almost a month out, it seems like we’re at the turning point where we are bouncing around everywhere and talking about how time can’t go by fast enough.

Now, it’s just a matter of staying calm and making sure we’re ahead of the game in as much of the final stuff as possible – and continuing to freak out about just how dang close we are!

Aside from all this wedding shenanigans, here is a scoop of life Currently

{Cooking // More in general…}

Ok, well mostly I am being the chef’s (aka Eric’s) assistant. This guy is cookin’ up fresh salmon, cajun dishes, baked pasta, the list goes on…

This week though, I whipped up some of my own goodness. Granted nothing I make is the fanciest of dishes, but hey, everyone’s gotta start somewhere! How about some freshly seasoned chicken, veggies, and whole grain rotini pasta for ya??

counting down

{Wearing // Still summer clothes?}

I think everyone’s been a little weirded out that we’re almost to the end of September and we’re still hitting up the 80s every day. I think everyone is also trying not to complain. As much as I want fall here (it’s my favorite!), I know after fall comes winter…and winter can mean polar vortex here in Chicago.

For now though, we’re still rockin’ the shorts, tanks, and dresses! You might’ve caught this white Target maxi on Instagram yesterday. I found it on sale for $12.99 in the Junior’s section and it’s pretty much my favorite sale find ever!

It was the perfect wedding shower dress and now I’ll keep wearing it until the weather says no.


{Counting down // to a VACATION.}

As mentioned earlier, E & I are obviously beyond ecstatic about the wedding. Can it be November tomorrow? We are also sooo pumped for a real vacation and to be able to travel again!!

Without a doubt going home to Texas always makes us so happy, but this year we’ve missed exploring out of the country since we’ve saved up time and money for the big day. The morning after though, we’ll be jet setting off to Jamaica and we can’t freakin’ wait.

counting down

The wait will totally be worth it and much needed after all these busy months. I remember people having said they needed the honeymoon after all this wedding stuff, and I used to be like oh sure, but it’s probably been so fun, they’re probably exaggerating. And it is SO FUN (I’m going to miss it so much!!!), but it’s also just tiring and can feel like a lot.

So I get it now…you really do need the honeymoon. It’ll be a well-deserved getaway with my best friend to celebrate our next chapter as Mr. & Mrs. WAHOO!

counting down

And maybe most exciting of all?? We’ll get to add another pin to this pretty vintage market find. Ok, not most exciting, but it’s up there.

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