The Baking Adventure Begins: Mixers & Muffins

baking adventure

You guys. A few weeks ago, I had a big day. I baked something from scratch for basically the first time ever – no boxed mix! *Disclaimer: I make an amazing boxed cake though.*

Now before we dive into that, I’ve got to touch on a little something –

Eric and I have felt so loved by family and friends. We have been lucky to receive so many wonderful gifts that are going to make our first place together a real home. Some people have even gifted us a handful of adventures for our honeymoon in Jamaica…horseback riding on the beach? Scuba diving? Yes, please!

The one item I was probably most anticipating the arrival of though was our Kitchen Aid mixer. From the get go, I knew it would have a special spot on display in our kitchen, just as my mom’s always did.

baking adventure

My mom is an incredible baker, so is my grandma. It’s something they’ve been able to bond over, and this love has carried over to my sister and I. This being said, the mixer was a special item my grandma really wanted to gift E & I.

I am in no way even half the baker my mom or grandma are, but I’m determined to learn and get better. I love the joy baking brings people. I love the celebrations it means, and the traditions it becomes apart of.

Well, like I said, I was super anticipating the arrival of our mixer. It took over a month to arrive due to one after another shipping mishaps…but it’s fine…we’re past that.

The color is called ice blue and it’s the perfect pop among the neutral tones, wood, and metals we hope fill our home. I’m calling it mint, but Eric says it’s no where near mint. Ugh, we can have our differences, right?

baking adventure

So the baking adventure began, and I broke in this baby with homemade blueberry muffins. I’ll avoid being repetitive by listing the whole recipe here, and instead just direct you to the adorable food blog where I found it – Yammie’s Noshery.

Yammie mentions she’s experimented and tweaked to land at the perfect recipe, which made things super easy for a newbie like me! One note, I did substitute the sour cream for Chobani plain non-fat greek yogurt. *Tip: one single serving cup was the perfect amount.* I also was very generous with the blueberries. The recipe made 9 muffins for me, using a standard size cupcake baking tin.

baking adventure

baking adventure

I’m usually the chef’s (aka Eric’s) assistant, so it was fun to have roles reversed when it came to baking! E is also trying to get more into photography, so he snapped all these beautiful photos you’re seeing during this process. He’s got a talent for playing around with our fancy Nikon and I’m so excited about it.

These blueberry muffins were DELICIOUS. The sugary crust on top was the perfect finishing touch, and they were incredibly soft and flavorful. I highly recommend!

baking adventure

baking adventure

baking adventure

Hmm…what to bake next?? We’ve got a few birthdays in our group, Eric and I just hit the year mark at our jobs, and we tie the knot in 48 DAYS – so it looks like there’s plenty to celebrate.

Let the baking adventure continue!

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  1. Nana
    September 20, 2016 / 1:39 pm

    You know the old Pillsbury slogan: “Nothin’ says loving like somethin’ from the oven”


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