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You guys. Today is the best.

I can hear you now. You say that a lot, Dayna, why is today really the best?

I’ll tell you, friends – because Mama Reyna is in town!!!

Mom flew in from Houston late last night and I’m taking the day off. We are going to romp around Chicago – sipping on coffee, laughing at ridiculous things, and shopping for wedding accessories.

Before heading into the weekend, I’m sharing another installment of my Currently series – a post every couple weeks where I can share all the things I’m loving, learning, watching, eating, wearing, whatever! Share a current fave of yours in the comments below too. 🙂

{Wanting // Platform Wedges}

I actually saw my mom in these adorable MK ones this week and remembered that’s right, I have been wanting some platform wedges. Thanks, mom, for the reminder – and sorry it’s 50 degrees in Chicago that you couldn’t bring those with you. (P.S. – Isn’t she the most adorable human you’ve ever seen?)

That being said, I tracked down a Steve Madden pair here I might have to get. Hey, I didn’t buy a new pair of fall boots for once, so that deserves some new spring kicks, right?


{Loving // Rifle Paper Botanicals Notebook Collection}

I have been using these Rifle Paper notebooks like it’s my job. They’re thin with lined paper and come in a set of three beautiful floral designs in red, green, and pink – the green one is shown in the photo further down. I was looking for one that wouldn’t be too heavy too tote around everywhere, and that I could easily fold back to make writing easier when I’ve got a lot in my lap. These notebooks from Rifle Paper are perfect, and I got three in one! Currently using 2 of the 3 for blog and Bible study notes…waiting for the right use for my last.

{Wearing // Summer Nails}

When I have my nails painted, I literally feel 20 times cooler than normal.  I feel more fashionable and put together instantly. Anyone else??

I pretty much have two palettes of colors. The darks – purple, navy, cabernet, etc. – that I rock during the fall and winter, and the lights – nude, blush, etc. – that I wear for late spring and summer.  Bright, holla at you  colors are usually not included. This week though I decided to treat myself to a manicure and felt inspired to change it up with this loud pink. Ugh, I can’t get any picture to do it justice, but trust me, it’s like a neon loud.

To be honest, it’s also my effort to call out the sun and sends all these clouds in Chicago away.



Happy weekend, friends! Off to run around Michigan Avenue with my mom and see what kind of silliness we can stir up.

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