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We did it again, made it to Friday, YAY. I don’t know about you guys, but this has been one long week with some big stuff  wrapping up at work! Those tail ends of projects are always so chaotic, but I’m staying positive because I know the end result is so rewarding.

Before jumping into this week’s Currently post…how cute are those Valentine’s cards that work had waiting on everyone’s desk this morning?? Happy early Valentine’s Day to you, your dogs, your friends, families, and S.O.s!

Okay – hope everyone has a great looooong weekend friends!

Sharing // Cheryl’s Valentine’s Treats

If you haven’t had a chance to try Cheryl’s cookies before, you’re missing out! I’m so lucky to have family friends back in Texas that send some of these my way year after year. This year’s box was full of Valentine’s Day buttercream iced cookies, in flavors from Devil’s Food Cake to Sugar to Raspberry Chocolate. There were so many – I loved being able to share a few with my work team as “Thank Yous” for all the help these last few weeks.


Wearing // NARS Lip Pencil

In addition to every sweater I own  to fight the “Feels like” negative temperatures this week, I’ve fallen in love with the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil that came with my Sephora birthday gift (one of the store rewards programs I actually love!). The lipstick meets lip pencil gives a rich color that goes on smooth. The birthday sample came with two –  a deep red called Cruella, and a rosy pink called Rikugien. I love the pink color, working my way up to being confident enough to wear that red…

Side note: This picture features a dark purple manicure I treated myself to this week, because I’m in love with the color. Way dark or totally nude are my go to nail looks.


Feeling // Thankful

If you’ve checked out my About page, I touch on how important my faith is to me. With all the changes and big events that have taken place in this last year, I am more reliant and trusting in God than ever before. He has showered me with blessings and opportunities, and even in times of hardship, I know in Him all things are good.
As I go further into 2016, my word has been Peace. I’m striving to focus my eyes on the peace that God places in my life and on my heart, even when there seem to be a thousand moving parts around me. It is for this love and stronghold my faith is constantly providing that I am feeling so thankful inside.
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    Love your post today

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