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Hi friends! If you missed my first post in this new Currently series I’m giving a go – check it out here. Otherwise, diving into the things I’ve been loving this week and want to share with you –

Eating // Homemade Pasta

Eric is such a good cook, y’all. I’m oh so lucky I get to marry a man who is quite talented in the kitchen and loves it. Earlier this week, we had spaghetti pasta with hot Italian sausage, garlic, cherry tomatoes,  red onion, and basil. I was able to snag extras for a couple lunches this week.

I’d like to claim we made it together, but it was mostly Eric’s work. Let’s not forget the tasty bread I dressed with olive oil and toasted in the oven though.

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Enjoying // ClassPass

This one-stop-shop monthly membership lets you access a large network of fitness studios, varying from cycling to barre to circuit training. A group of friends and I purchased their two week trial going on for $19, and have had lots of fun running around town trying all these cool studios. The trial is so worth it, you get to test out all these workouts and pretty much get your money back after doing just one class.

Sadly, our two weeks are just about up, and the monthly membership ($119) is a little more than I’d like to pay for a gym right now. I definitely recommend checking the trial out though if this grabs your interest!

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Looking // Wedding Colors & Bridesmaids’ Styles

Next month, we’ve got a big weekend to Austin planned to pick out wedding florals, reception table décor, and take engagement photos…AH. So excited and also feeling the pressure of making decisions – what’s new haha. That being said, this week I’ve been looking at lots of different palettes and working with my girls to decide what dress color they should wear.

Thank goodness for Pinterest, am I right??

Happy Weekend!

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