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Week by week there are always new things I’m loving, cooking, wanting, enjoying, watching, hoping, reading…you get the picture. I think picking a few of these to share each week will be a new Friday blog series for me as I look to get into a more routine schedule this year.

I’ve seen a few bloggers do posts in their own cadence along these lines, and I think it’s so fun! I love getting to keep records of what’s captivating us at certain moments in time, from the biggest thoughts to the littlest purchases. Other lists like this have definitely exposed me to a ton of new cool ideas, things, and people.  Hopefully you and I get to do the same with each other here – I want to know about your current state of life too!

{Learning // Calligraphy}

I’ve been wanting to really get into modern calligraphy and be crafty with it for about a year now. Eric got me a starter kit with some pens and a practice pad for Christmas, and now I’m looking to buy some more worksheets to learn specific styles. Looking to dive into this new interest makes me so excited! I’ve got my eye out on a couple classes I’m even thinking of signing up for.

Additional related thought to learning calligraphy – being able to make some of my own wedding décor, and getting to save money. Win and win. Let me know if you’ve got any sites or social media accounts I need to check out.

{Watching // Making A Murderer}

I love being sucked into a good suspenseful series or movie. I love ohmygosh moments and theorizing with everyone else who has watched a certain this or listened to a certain that. The latest thing like this to capture my attention has been the Netflix series called Making A Murder, and it seemed to sweep the nation over the holiday season, so chances are you’ve heard of it.

This ten part documentary covers the trial of Steven Avery, a man from Wisconson who served 18 years in prison for a murder he didn’t commit, released in 2003, and then put on trial again in 2006 for the murder of another woman. He and his nephew are both currently in prison for this crime. The series covers the procedures and issues of the Manitowoc County Sheriff’s department through his arrest, and leaves watchers flip flopping on who is really guilty. If you like this kind of intrigue, you MUST watch.

{Listening // Podcasts}

My latest obsession I think. I started listening to podcasts last year, first with the well-known suspense murder mystery series, Serial. My second was on the totally opposite side of the spectrum – the fun, upbeat, real girlfriend chit-chat of The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey. Since then, I’ve added a some more to my que, like TED Radio Hour.

I just love that I can digest interesting information on-the-go, learn so much,and be motivated by other people’s work – all by listening to these weekly conversations through my earbuds. Some of the topics being discussed on podcasts I’m tuning into now (women in entrepreneurship, Jesus and forgiveness, and how the brain is wired to love – just to name a few) are just super inspirational and really exposing me to new insights. Any recommendations on some you love that I should try??

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  1. X
    February 3, 2016 / 4:37 pm

    I started listening to the New York Times Modern Love podcast! They’re pretty new, but they have already beat Serial as the #1 podcast on iTunes. I like reading the articles in the NYT, so hearing them read by famous actors with sound effects and an interview of the author at the end is pretty great, in my opinion.

    • February 3, 2016 / 6:52 pm

      Wait that’s awesome!!! I’ll be trying that for sure! 🙂

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