Friday Top Five

There was so much going on after work these past few days, time escaped me of course. But rather than go the rest of the week without posting, I figured I’d consolidate a few really happy things from throughout the week and share! I like the idea of having a Friday Top Five – it’s a good reminder of some really nice things that I have to be thankful for.

1. This past weekend, Becca and I got super pumped when it was prime sweater weather. Granted it’s September, and the fact that I was wearing a fuzzy long sleeve, scarf, and booties, was slightly alarming, but it’s fine.


2. At Tuesday’s Girl’s Night, I finally got to try the famous Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream in Wicker Park that I had been hearing about since last summer! I had some sort of dark chocolate almond flavor and sweet cream. YUM.


3. I set up my desk at work with some of my favorite photos and a UT mouse pad. Gotta represent and show support, of course! My current desktop background is the city of Paris. Oh Europe, I miss you.


4. I’m obsessed with these black Diba booties I found at DSW, and have worn them lots this week. I’m actually just obsessed with boots in general. I supported this purchase with the fact that the weather is getting cooler faster, so I definitely needed to add this adorable pair to my collection.


5. Last night, I ran four miles – and dragged Eric with me. Not the farthest I’ve been able to do, but the farthest I’ve done since being back in Chicago! It felt so good. And it’s definitely much more enjoyable when you’re jammin’ out to Taylor Swift and you’ve got views like this.



Um, OK.

Happy Friday, friends! Hope it’s been a good week. Check back Monday for some insight on how to play tour guide when you have out of town visitors – Eric and I had so much fun with some friends a couple weeks ago!


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