Happy Belated Gordo Day


In my book, everyday is Gordo’s day, but since this past Wednesday was National Dog Day, how could I end the week without giving some love to my favorite pup back in the Lonestar State??

Gordo is a Westie. My mom, sister, and I originally wanted to name him Oreo, but my dad claimed if he was buying us this dog, he got to name him. So Gordo it was. People sometimes say “Wait why Gordo? Is he fat?” – Gordo means fat boy in Spanish haha – but Gordo is quite the opposite.

Totally unaware Annika is about to crack an Easter confetti egg on him...

Totally unaware Annika is about to crack an Easter confetti egg on him…

FaceTime with my BFF.

FaceTime with my BFF.

Gordo loves watching TV, like before him I had never seen another dog watch like he does, and I still haven’t. Whenever basketball is on, he will sit at the edge of the rug in front of the TV and move his head back and forth, following the ball. Whenever House Hunters or COPS is on, he can immediately tell because of the theme songs, and comes dashing and barking from the other room to eagerly sit beside us. Some of his favorite movies are The Lord of The Ring trilogy and Jurassic Park.

Watching TV alone and totally content.

Watching TV alone and totally content.


Gordo loves bananas, carrots, cheese, and peanut butter to an extreme. He is the best cuddlier and most attentive listener. Whether we are leaving him for a few hours to run an errand, or days for a trip, the goodbyes are always filled with lots of hugs and reassurance and treats. He can be a little bit of a diva and hand you the occasional sass, so he fits right in with the family.

The way Gordo greets us every time like he hasn’t seen us in a full ten years is the best feeling. The way he follows my mom around the house, like they are a couple of magnets that can’t be separated, is just about the sweetest thing. He will stare you down if you are eating vanilla ice cream until you give him a lick. He knows when everyone wants to just chill, and when he can get someone to run around the house and play hide and seek. He is cooperative when we want to give him new hairdos like below.



So we are probably obsessed with Gordo to a potentially unhealthy level, but I feel like most dog owners are the same way. The dogs deserve it. They keep us sane and healthier and happier. So, Happy Belated National Dog Day Gordo, we love you pup!


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