Go Get ‘Em Tiger


That is my theme of the week I have decided! Today feels like a nice, fresh start – the sun is shining, I’ve flipped my notepad to start a clean to-do list, and I’m happily munching on my peanut butter toast this morning.

Just because I haven’t started my official job yet doesn’t mean I’ve just been laying around. You’d be really proud. I’m actually so thankful for this time, because while I have gotten to sleep in a bit later in the mornings or taken breaks mid-day to go run, these weeks are giving me the chance to be super productive with settling in and really get the ball rolling for wedding planning! Eeeeeek!

I also think this motivational mantra can really be good for anyone this week, because everyone is working towards Labor Day Weekend! Three glorious days to really indulge in the last (in some places…) of summer. I’m looking forward to enjoying sunshine with friends and the first official Texas Longhorns game of the season! Hook ’em.

I can’t wait to share some antique market finds we got at a local Chicago festival on yesterday and more of our Europe vacation this week. Hope everyone has a great one – go get ’em tiger!!


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