Give us the Greek Food

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When we learned that Saturday was the Taste of Greektown festival in Chicago, Eric and I immediately planned to indulge ourselves in one of our favorite cuisines. We indulged ourselves so much so that we were practically immobile the rest of the day because our bellies just wanted to protrude out as far as possible and have us sit still.

Upon arriving, Eric was immediately drawn to the huge lemonade table. This stand seemed to have a monopoly on the place, everyone was carrying their large, plastic cups of fresh sugary delight. This was more than enough to convince Eric to purchase one for himself, the boy loves his lemonade – and if I do say so myself, it was truly delicious.

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We wandered up and down the street taking in the mouth watering aromas and chatting with different vendors. I always want to stock up on all the beautiful handmade jewelry, but alas, I have myself on a small budget while I wait to start work and I love eating too much. Nonetheless, we always have fun sifting through the shops.

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Airbnb – the hospitality rental service that let’s you host and be hosted by others that are apart of its community across the globe – had a really cool tent set up. I’m a sucker for polaroids, so as soon as I saw a world map WITH polaroids on it, forget it. We learned a bit more about hosting travelers, which we’ve thought about more and more, especially after having so many great experiences being hosted in Europe this summer! Before heading out, we snapped a pic and were told to paste it on a destination on our wishlist. **Anyone have any experience being a host that has any good tips or input to share about their experience?? **

Eric and I each got gyros (pictured at the very top) that we 100% underestimated in their power to completely stuff us. They were amazing. We looovvveee Greek food and these gyros were absolutely no disappointment. I was sad to hear we have already missed the festival in Little Italy for the summer, but that won’t stop me from getting out there and trying some yummy Italian in these coming weeks.

I just love summers in Chicago, along with everyone else of course, but it really just can’t be said enough! The street festivals and nightly activities have the city feeling so alive. It’s kind of magical.

Hope you had a great weekend, friends!


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