Dublin’s Tasty Treats


Eric and I flew in and out of Dublin, so we definitely had our best food in Ireland when we came back at the end for a couple days. For now though, I’m happy to share a couple places we ate at during this first weekend that we thought were quite delicious!

Our favorite meal of the weekend was at an adorable place in the Temple Bar area that had a great dinner deal called Brick Alley Cafe. We walked in on a whim after realizing how hungry we were, and not necessarily wanting a full on pub vibe. Eric ordered the Beef Lasagna, while I decided on the Shepard’s Pie. Both came with soup, ice cream for dessert, and were super yummy!



Another gem we stumbled upon – a farmer’s market in central Dublin that looked like a feast for the tummy and was definitely feast a for the eyes. I’m sad we had just eaten before we stumbled upon it since we were too stuffed try anything, but I can only imagine how delicious it all was! I loved chatting with the vendors and snapping away some photos.




The last place we stopped at in Dublin was this cute little cafe and pastry shop called Queen of Tarts. Eric ordered an English Tea, I got a cup of coffee, and we shared a tasty slice of Bailey’s Cheesecake. It was the perfect treat before we started our journey off to London that evening – which by the way included a beautiful ferry ride across the Irish sea since we were traveling by Megabus. Although busses are never the most comfortable option, the overnight choice didn’t eat into any of our daytime and saved us lots of money, so we weren’t complaining!

A little tradition we established early on was to take a photo on our way out of where had been staying, or at the metro stop near by we had been using, as we headed out towards our next destination. I’m excited to look at them progress as I blog.





Ireland was such a cool country. The people were so friendly and I’m glad we took everyone’s advice to take a day trip out of Dublin to see the best part of it all – the Irish countryside. More on those last couple days we spent back in Ireland – including the Cliffs of Moher, a few small villages, and the BEST Italian food I’ve ever had – to come later on!


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