Windy City Work & Play

This morning (like so early I think that night of sleep was more of a nap), Mama Reyna and I are off to Chicago to apartment hunt! Eric and his mom, along with my roomie, Becca, and her mama, will be joining us for a hopefully successful next couple of days. In addition to this weekend’s apartment mission, we will need to squeeze in some adventuring and plenty of deep dish pizza. 

It’s crazy to think this weekend is already here! With all of this week’s phone calls and researching and emailing related to finding a place to live, I’ve definitely been claiming to my parents how much of an real life adult I’ve been since graduation. Haha I know this is just scratching the surface…

Happy Friday, folks!

xo Dayna 🙂

(Sign off is a bit different since this I’m doing it from my phone for the first time)


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