Why We Work


It’s a pretty special Friday, folks! But first I’ll explain the inspiration behind this post.

Recently, I was browsing through the archives of some of my favorite blogs and found a couple posts titled “Why We Work” – specifically on The Daily TayLife of Bon from a link-up they did awhile back. These posts talk about why these adorable ladies and their S.O.s go hand in hand.

I loved reading them and felt inspired to jot down a bit on why Eric is the peanut butter to my jelly. It really couldn’t be a more fitting post for today either, because May 8th marks an official three years of laughing and loving and adventuring together.


We work because he is good at fixing all the things I seem to consistently break, for example, computer printers. Or really anything with technology.

We work because I’ve gotten him hooked on funny TV sitcoms and he’s gotten me hooked on ridiculous reality shows.

We work because he puts up with my incredible level of sass and he’s learned to dish it back to me.

We work because he loves my family, wants the best for them, and knows how important they are to me. And vice versa.

We work because we both become uncontrollable monsters around chips and salsa so there’s no shame in asking for multiple servings at Mexican restaurants.

We work because we both have driven personalities and passionate hearts, with goals to laugh every day and travel the world.

We work because when the end of a loaf of bread is approaching, I can’t stand to eat the bread butts, but Eric doesn’t mind eating them.

We also work because we both call them “bread butts” – I think the correct term is “heel” or something.

We work because I love dancing and Eric is a great dancer.

We work because we both put God first in our lives and have helped each other grow in our faith, more than I ever thought possible.

We work because sometimes we decide to make up our own jokes and they usually are subpar at most, but we end up laughing ridiculously hard anyway and think it’s a fun game.

We work because we support each other without end, and love unconditionally, and that makes dating your best friend work out really nicely.


Hopefully that wasn’t too sappy and gave some insight into why doing life with this guy is pretty wonderful! I’d love to hear why you and your person – significant other, parent, sibling, bestie, dog, etc. – work too, because when we’re lucky enough to have great people in our lives, why not brag?


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