Top of the Tower


Today I am so happy to be sharing more of an awesome experience the gang and I had on Sunday afternoon – finally getting to take a UT Tower Tour! The forecast showed rain for a lot of the day, but we lucked out and the sun ended up shining all afternoon – the city of Austin thrives in the sunshine.




Eric, my roomie Morgan, and I have had this on our to-do list for a few years now. Becca, who I lived with in ChiTown last summer, and her friend Allie, who visited us over 4th of July when Eric did, had been in Texas only for a few days and were already getting to check it off the list! We were a bunch of giddy tourists.

The tour provides lots of trivia throughout and about thirty beautiful minutes on the observation deck. It was unreal to stare out over the city I’ve been lucky enough to call home the last four years. I sure am going to miss this place.




I can’t wait to take the fam on this tour when they come in May – I 100% recommend it to any past and present Longhorn fans! You can find more information about it here. Hope your weekend was filled with something new or exciting!


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