Saturday Morning Happiness


What is this?? A blog post? Well it’s about dang time! That’s what I’m telling myself. I’ve realized how much more chaotic life is when you’re juggling school, organizations, an internship, and real life decisions all at the same time. Can’t my two responsibilities just consist of keeping up with my fall TV dramas and try to keep up with fitness fanatic Sean T as I do Insanity?

Despite all of the busyness, there is so much to be thankful for! Having opportunities, sweet friends who never allow a dull moment, and a city full of delicious food is always a good thing. Speaking of sweet friends and delicious food, Saturday morning called for waking at a decent time to check out the Sustainable Food Center Farmer’s Market in downtown ATX with my roommate Somer and her momma!

In case ya didn’t know already, I do love a good farmer’s market. Free samples, cute doggies walking around, local food, and beautiful colors – what’s not to love? This Austin set up has been on my list of to-dos for awhile, so it was so nice to wake up on a Saturday and have a productive morning of exploring. We sampled some delicious salsa, feta cheese, honey, juices, and left with fresh veggies and then some.



After picking up some Austin market goodies, we made our way to a restaurant I have been wanting to try out forever – Walton’s Fancy and Staple! Somer and her mom, Mrs. Jeannie, gushed over the Challah French Toast, so I knew I couldn’t pass it up as a first timer. The dish was made with a creme brulee batter, and topped with Vermont maple syrup and mixed berries. Yummm, am I right??

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 1.18.48 PM

Somer tried out the featured Apple Cider Waffles and Mrs. Jeannie decided on the Turkey Sweet sandwich. Since we all taste tested each dish, I can truly say we made good choices all around.

If you’ve stopped by this little ol’ blog before, thanks for being patient with my very irregular posting after a summer of consistency (that I really miss)! Writing and snapping photos makes me happy. And now that I have several shots from events this semester, I need to get them on here. Hope its a wonderful week, folks!


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