It’s The Greatest Time of Year



Well, ok, greatest time of year after Christmas time. But if there’s one thing that keeps us motivated around here at UT in the fall, it is definitely Saturdays. College gameday is the best, and when there’s a home game, the excitement and anxiousness only builds up as the days go by.

Our season opened up last Saturday with an evening game against The University of North Texas. What a beautiful evening for some football! I felt right at home side by side with my Texas Lonestars girls (a special post about them and our organization to come…) that I missed all summer. We were constantly jumping up and down and yelling “Texas Fight” as loud as possible.

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In addition to my love for the actual game, one of my favorite things also includes what happens beforehand – tailgating! It probably has to do with the fact that I basically grew up on tailgating for Houston Texans games – my family has had season tickets since the team’s beginning in 2002. So ya see, this love for football is really no facade, it runs deep in my roots!

Here at UT, we tailgate right across campus in the parking lot for The Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum. It is flooded with tailgating organizations and businesses several hours before the game. We have so much fun going out there with friends, and mixing and mingling away since everyone is so busy during the week! The one downside is the grueling heat of course, but that just comes with the territory and is totally worth it.


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All in all, the first game of the Longhorn season was a perfect one. We won 38-7 against UNT, and then it turned out UT wasn’t the only one with a victory…Eric was the winner of the Gameday ball for his awesome performance and work with Texas Cheer on the field. So proud of this guy for all that determination and talent.

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Next up – UT vs. BYU tomorrow…and there is a bonus reason for excitement, the whole Reyna fam will be in town to attend!

Hope everyone had a great week! It feels good to be back into a routine. Going to do my best and make the blog a priority again because I sure have missed it. 🙂


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