Don’t Make Me Goooo


Gosh, am I really going to get to snap a picture of that view and then have to leave? Chicago, you are amazing and I am in love.

My last few days have been so wonderful. It is so surreal to be here, at my final twenty-four hours in the city. At the beginning of it all, ten weeks seemed like forever, but now I’m at the end and time has flown by. As it always seems to do.

This week we had one last official intern gathering, a trip to a Whirlyball arena. I had never heard of this game before it being put on my calendar. I thought it was a game that FCB had invented – come to find out its like a real game that even Eric had heard of. Why does no one tell me these things? It is basically lacrosse in bumper cars. It was super fun to watch and play and celebrate.

Blurry Whirlyball shenanigans.

Blurry Whirlyball shenanigans.

Wednesday night, Becca, Anne, and I planned for one final night out and finally attended a comedy show at The Second City. Oh my gosh, it was hilarious. We were on the verge of tears several times. The show we saw was the latest one being heavily promoted, Depraved New World, and the talent was phenomenal. I had a sudden little kid dream to become a comedian afterwards, they are too cool. I loved learning that several big of the funny stars we know today got their start here, like Tina Fey and Stephen Colbert.

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As I have mentioned countless times, I have been fortunate enough to intern these past couple months with an amazing team of talented people. I have so much appreciation and admiration for them. I am thankful for such wonderful mentors who have become friends! Since my supervisor, Theresa, was going to be out of the office for my official last day, the team was so kind as to plan a happy hour send off for Thursday after work. It was so fun to swap memories and silly stories with these ladies!

Afterwards, a couple of us ventured on back over to The Hancock Center so I could try out an attraction called Tilt! on the ninety-fourth floor. The whole deal is that you casually stand against some glass, hold on to some bars, and they lean you forward so you can look down from a thousand feet up. It was so cool to get a chance at this unique view, I’m really glad we made it happen. And to top it all off, this morning our lovely VP treated us to a delicious breakfast from Glazed! Talk about a true sweet send off.

Theresa and I - thankful for this hilarious and sweet person!

Theresa and I – thankful for my hilarious and sweet mentor!

L to R: Colleen, Theresa, myself, Leah, and Marissa

Some of FCB girls who made this summer rock – L to R: Colleen, Theresa, myself, Leah, and Marissa.


Watching the group before us at Tilt!

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So much yum!

Today is my last day at FCB this summer. It is definitely going to be hard to say goodbye. How can I leave this wonderful place that has been so good to me with such awesome opportunities and friendships? I will for sure be keeping in touch with everyone and taking all my learnings back with me to the good ol’ Lone Star State! Another goodbye on the horizon? My roommates who have been apart of countless memories I can never forget. I don’t even want to think about that one yet!

Even though leaving The Windy City and the people that I have experienced it with will be sad, I know that some day I’ll be back and that these friends are in my life for good. Much better to be sad to leave, then to be ready to go, right?! I’ve been pretty darn lucky.

Wish me luck on my favorite activity…packing…uggh. At least Mama Reyna is coming in to help, she’s the best and I can’t wait to squeeze her. Happy Friday folks!


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