Division Street Farmer’s Market


We are a family that loves being in the kitchen – my parents and Annika mostly for whipping up phenomenal dishes, me mostly for taste testing or assisting with basic recipe tasks. So one thing I knew my family would really enjoy doing during their visit, especially my sweet momma, was checking out a Chi-Town Farmer’s Market.

Eric and I actually passed through this same Farmer’s Market on Division Street during his trip, but I was excited to go back to take some more time to check out the different vendors and snap some photos. Be warned, there are quite a few on here today, but I just couldn’t help myself. It was all so beautiful!





The vendors were so charming and friendly. Some even had samples for the market attendees. Lots of families, couples, and dogs made their way through the tent filled street. What a wonderful sense of community that was there existing on a perfect summer day.





I’ve learned that there are tons of farmer’s markets that go on throughout Chicago, you can basically find one every day of the week somewhere. I wish I had endless time to go check them all out. Or even to pick out lots of fresh ingredients for a delicious meal. As you’ll probably see from the pictures, everything looked amazing. One of my favorite things in the world is a good bowl of fruit, so everywhere I turned I was tempted to grab a handful and indulge.





The Farmer’s Market was the perfect start to our Saturday and I’m so glad I could share it with the fam. We ended up picking up that Zucchini bread and some cherries to munch on as we walked to the beach. I’d love to check out a couple more markets before my summer in The Windy City is over. If you’ve got any to recommend, I want to hear!

Hoping for another week of sunny and breezy days. August is just around the corner people (*crying internally*) –  we gotta soak up this summertime while we can!


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