Brunch, Beach, & Burgers

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Saturday was Eric’s last day in the The Windy City (*insert big sigh here*), so we set out to make the most of it! We were off early enough to catch the last hour of our 24 hour Divvy bike pass and happily made our way to the Gold Coast area for brunch at Hash House A Go Go – It. Was. AMAZING.

Becca recommended this spot to us since it was close to the beach, our next destination, and we were excited about it as soon as we stepped in. The atmosphere inside is so cool and the walls of the entrance are decorated with menus signed by celebrities. We got out of waiting by snagging seats at the bar and scanned the big menu for our selections. Eric decided on a Roasted Chicken House Hash and I went with the Tractor Driver Combo – a pancake the size of both our faces, along with sausage and eggs.

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When the food arrived, our jaws dropped to the floor. Not only did it look and smell amazing, but the servings were humongous. We took a couple bites and were instantly in Heaven. Great food and great service make for two happy customers. I can’t wait to go back and try more items off the menu!

I was excited to take Eric to check out the beach since it is such a cool spot right off the city. We found a great place to lay out and observe the scene. He begged and begged for me to get in the water and no way did I cave, the lake is crazy cold right now!! I did cheer Eric on for his own valiant efforts though – he made it in almost to his hips. I laughed as I looked on and saw kids running by, flailing themselves in the water right past him.

We wrapped up the afternoon with a quick trip on the Red Line to Wrigleyville so Eric could see the famous Wrigley Field!

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For dinner, we took to the internet for a yummy burger place suggestion and found 25 Degrees. We loved the inside of this place – a velvet design decorated the walls, and circular booths and high tables surrounded the oval bar in the center. The gourmet burgers were also things to love. We ended up splitting the Number One and Number Two with a large fry. So much food. So much deliciousness.

To end the night, I took Eric to The Signature Lounge on the 96th floor of The Hancock Center. The views are incredible, and I knew a great way to wrap up all that sightseeing on the ground would be from hundreds of feet in the air.

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I had the best time with my man in Chicago! I think we both deserved a few days of relaxation and fun, and that’s just what we got. Hope everyone has had a wonderful week – yay Friday!


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