Sunshine + Street Fest = Perfection


The weather was absolutely wonderful last Saturday in the afternoon, I can’t get over it! Yes, there was some morning fog (ok a lot of it) and a little rain, but the sun and cool breeze made a majority of the day wonderful. I can’t help but feel a little bad for all my friends and family back home dealing with the ninety plus degree weather…

My roommates and I were ready to soak up the sun and headed on over to the Wicker Park Green Music Fest – such a great decision on our part. Two stages were set up for artists to perform small sets and a variety of vendors lined the street. It was free samples, good jams, and talented people galore!



A GRILLED CHEESY FOOD TRUCK - where can I get one of my own??

A GRILLED CHEESEY FOOD TRUCK – where can I get one of my own??


Becca striking a pose on her way to snap some pics.

One of the coolest things about the festival were the stationary bikes they had set up right by the stage. People were riding these in order to save energy and actually power the performance. Some guy even walked around with a sign that said “PEDAL!!!” when the power levels started to get low. I was pretty impressed with the whole thing.

My lovely roomie Becca and I couldn’t pass up these unique bracelets we found at a vendor’s stand. We spoke with the ladies who owned it and they explained how symbols of guidance and happiness were incorporated into their pieces. It was so hard to decide, but Becca and I ended up with the same bracelet – I love the  contrast of red and turquoise!



Wicker Park has easily become one of my favorite places here. And I am so glad that I have a great group of people to hang out with for my time in the city. Here’s to hipster suburbs, street fests, and funny ladies that made that day one of my favorites so far!


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