This weekend was really wonderful. In addition to a fun Saturday night out, some of my family’s dearest friends were in town and I was so lucky to be able to have not one, but two lunches with them! Mr. and Mrs. Boffa have seen my sister and I grow up, and have always been two of the most generous and loving people. When I spoke to Mrs. Boffa before leaving Texas and she told me they’d be visiting while I was up here, I was so excited!


Saturday for lunch I met them at the absolutely delicious Lou Malnati’s for some famous Chicago deep dish pizza. There is a lot of debate around here about which place has the best, and I have to say this one is pretty darn good…it might be my favorite. The weather was absolutely gorgeous that day, oh my goodness, it felt like pure bliss outside. Sitting down on the patio, chatting and laughing away, was such a good feeling. A little piece of home all the way up in the Midwest.

The next afternoon, I met up with the Boffas and we ventured over to nearby Greektown. Several interesting and culture filled restaurants lined the street, I wanted to hop into all of them. We ended up eating at Pegasus restaurant – what a cute little place! A big mural of quaint Greek houses and islands covered one wall, while blue wood accents tied the whole thing together.




We started off with a classic Greek dish for appetizer, Saganaki, or flaming cheese. I had never had this dish before, let alone seen a waiter light a skillet on fire in her hands before us. We munched on the yummy cheese and assorted bread loafs while deciding on our entrees. Mr. Boffa chose the Souvlaki Kabob, Mrs. Boffa went with an Elliniki (a classic Greek salad) topped with tender chicken, and I decided on the Gyro plate.


Souvlaki Kabob


Elliniki with Chicken

Gyro plate

Gyro Plate

I really enjoyed the food! It was refreshing to try something completely different than I had eaten since being in town. What made the whole meal even better, and this afternoon probably one of my favorite lunches ever, was hearing all about the Boffas’ travels from shortly after they were married. I had never heard these stories, and my inner travel bug had me completely in awe of all their adventures.

Shortly after their marriage, Mr. Boffa began serving as an international auditor for Texaco and the couple lived about two years traveling all across Asia and Europe. They would be stationed in a place like Holland or Greece, and make weekend getaways to all the amazing surrounding places! I was laughing at a hilarious story one minute, and then completely silent and wide eyed the next listening to all the cool things they had experienced.

I hope one day I will have a list as extensive as theirs of all the places I have been, their life of love and spontaneity is so inspiring! So thankful for lunches that leave you full and people that leave you happy.


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