Da Lobsta is da bomb

That lady is like um, what is she doing...

That lady is like um, what is she doing…

While my parents were in Chicago this weekend to help me get settled in, we got to walk around and try lots of delicious restaurants. Isn’t that one of the best things about mom and dad in town? Free food wahoo! One of my new favorite little joints is a small shop on East Cedar St. called Da Lobsta. The staff was so friendly, and they have a small patio right outside where you can chow down under the shade and enjoy the general splendor of the area. For us, it was the dogs we were most excited about!

My family is undeniably indecisive. So we often opt to order one or two things at a couple different places and split them for lunch, rather than settle on one place. This was the case for that gorgeous Saturday afternoon. We hopped in to Da Lobsta for stop number one and my dad ordered the traditional Lobster Roll and Lobster Grilled Cheese (a choice I was overly excited about, read more on why here).

Traditional Lobster Roll, YUM.

Traditional Lobster Roll, YUM.

Lobster Grilled Cheese - I can't even.

Lobster Grilled Cheese – I can’t even.

Post lobsta relaxin' at the fountain.

Post lobsta relaxin’ at the fountain.

Both turned out INCREDIBLE. Those pictures don’t lie. This place seems small and hidden behind the other larger restaurants right off the street, so I am so glad we walked in. It’s a little far from where I am living, but a lot closer to work, so I will definitely be making a dinner or weekend trip back – and hopefully often!


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