An Afternoon in Wicker Park


This past Saturday, I was so happy to venture out of my immediate area and explore another part of the city! After running a few errands, my roommate Anne and I decided to hop on the Blue Line and pay a visit to a trendy area we had heard about, Wicker Park. It was a fast, easy ride and I got so excited when I spotted a young man in a gray shirt branded with the shape of Texas in the center. We got to chat briefly before getting off, turns out he was from Dallas and a SMU Alumnus – woohoo for home state bonds!

Anne and I hopped off the line and walked a few blocks where we found a beautiful park with a big fountain and an open space with people laying out and having picnics. There was also a little dog park filled with lots of happy, energetic doggies and their socializing owners. The houses were adorable and the street art was so interesting.




We found an amazing place for a late lunch called Big Star,  a popular joint with yummy tacos and queso – more to come on that later this week! After chowing down, we spent time walking down a couple main streets in the area filled with lots of restaurants, bars, and shops. I loved it, there is a vibe in the culture and atmosphere that definitely reminded me of Austin!

Of course I couldn’t resist checking out a book shop filled with shelves that were stuffed floor to ceiling. We also walked into a cute thrift store where I picked up a skirt perfect for work. My favorite shops we visited were called Foundre and One Strange Bird. Foundre is a shop that specializes in making beautiful frames and furniture out of salvaged materials. They also have a great collection of wall art and vintage items. One Strange Bird had beautiful jewelry, cute knick knacks, and the best greeting card collection I have ever seen! I think I’ll to go back with my first paycheck and snag a few…or ten.




All and all, Wicker Park is one cool place to hang out! I’ll be back throughout the summer to try more restaurants and shops. Aaaand Wicker Park Fest that takes place at the end of July has been declared Chicago’s Best Street Festival of the Summer by The Chicago Tribune – looking forward to that as well.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


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