Visits at Mozart’s


One of my favorite spots in Austin is a coffee shop right on the lake that is always hoppin’ –  Mozart’s. The coffee is fantastic and the spread of delicious pastries makes it so difficult to choose just one. Outside wooden benches make for the most perfect spot to read or catch up with friends while soaking up the beautiful lake view, especially when the weather is gorgeous like it was this weekend!

I was so happy for a free Sunday afternoon to pick up a couple friends and chat over iced coffee and gelato. This summer I’ll be headed up to Chicago for a couple months (more on that later this week), and will miss them terribly, so it was so nice to catch up before we all jump into summer plans.



Isn’t crazy how the summer is supposed to be this nice break after a year of hard work with school, but ends up being just as, if not more, busy?!? Sure there is usually more time for fun and exploring, but June, July, and August often seem to fly by – at least from our point of view. I guess that’s just the reality that comes with getting older…*sigh*.

Anyways, no room for complaining when there is so much to be thankful for – including no homework for a few months, exciting opportunities, loving friends chat with, coffee shops, and sunny days that make you happy just to be alive!


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