My Favorite Teacher


Beautiful. Brilliant. Funny. Caring. Adorable. Oh, and Teacher of the Year.

Just a collection of words that describe my incredible momma who teaches first grade. This month she was honored at a dinner ceremony, along with other nominated individuals from district schools, for being selected as a Teacher of the Year. I am beyond proud of her! It brought so much joy to my heart, no one is more deserving than this selfless woman.

Luckily, I was able to come home to attend the event with my family and capture the moment. While in town, I also engaged in one of my favorite activities – spending time with my mom in her classroom. I absolutely love doing this because I get to see her doing what she loves most, helping these bright little humans recognize how amazing they are and all the potential they have. My mom really loves these students so much. Sometimes my sister and I think she forgets that we in fact are her real children…just kidding moooom…but really.


Sweet cards from mom's students.

Sweet cards from mom’s students.

Teacher Appreciation Week brings lots of pretty flowers!

Teacher Appreciation Week brings lots of pretty flowers!

The proud classroom mama.

The proud classroom mama.

I guess I can’t really complain about sharing her though. The whole world should get a chance to know the lady I have been fortunate enough to call my biggest cheerleader, wisest advice giver, and best friend. Plus, I want those kiddos to have a better first grade teaching experience than I did (unfortunately mine was pretty awful, but that’s a story for another time).

If you haven’t had a chance to spend an afternoon with twenty-one six and seven year olds, it is quite the hoot. Not only are they so cute, they are so smart! And so funny! I look at them in awe of how much personality and spunk they emit at such a young age.

In addition to this joy, time in the classroom also makes me realize how hard this job is! I am confident society would fall apart if it wasn’t for teachers. So thank you, teachers, for listening to us read the same book ten times, and figure out how to properly use a messy Elmer’s glue tube, and the importance of not just being a good student, but being a good friend.

Love you mom –  thank you for teaching me how to live with a passion for learning and helping others!


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