Love is a Grilled Cheese Sandwich

A few weeks ago, Eric and I went to study for finals at Thunderbird Coffee. I love this place. Such a cool environment, friendly baristas, delicious drinks, and now I can personally attest – yummy food!

I had always eyeballed their menu because they have some pretty amazing sounding things, but was never quite hungry enough to order. That day though, as we sat typing away assignments on our computers, the barista called out “I got a grilled cheese ready!” and I instantly perked up. Eric was already laughing and looking straight at me because he knows how much I love grilled cheeseys (the term I regularly use to refer to these sandwiches).

I look at Eric and say “If I go buy a grilled cheese, will you share one with me?” He stares back at me with no response, so I just continue on my way sipping coffee thinking about how I should probably be saving money anyway.

I was so caught up in hashing out an essay for class that I didn’t pay attention to Eric getting up, but he came back with some refreshing mint tea. A few minutes later, the nice man behind the counter says “I got a grilled cheese ready!” and Eric smiles a big ol’ smile as he goes to get it and bring it back.

Man, I really lucked out you guys. Love is when someone goes to secretly buy you a grilled cheese because they know you secretly really want one. And it gets even better because it was like one of the top 3 grilled cheeseys I have ever had. SO YUM! I 110% recommend it.

Thunderbird perfection.

I wish I had brought my camera to snap more pictures of the coffee shop, but I had told myself it was a day to be in the zone, the school work zone. So this post happened because I was so inspired by this little act of love, and that freakin yummilicious grilled cheese sandwich. If you’re in Austin, do yourself a favor and go try it!


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