Home Sweet Home

My Westie bestie, Gordo.

My Westie bestie, Gordo.

I am so happy I have had a couple weeks to spend time at home. There really is just nothing else like it, and of course, growing up has made me appreciate it even more. Sure, my twin bed is itty bitty up against the queen one in Austin, and the pink walls of my room don’t really match my personality anymore, but it’s all irrelevant as I sit here thinking of all the joys my family’s cozy place brings. Here are just a few…

1. The People. (obviously!) – Oh gosh I love them. My dad and I eat brownies while having Law and Order marathons. My mom and I swap funny stories while I help her grade school papers (refer to yesterday’s post for more on this lovely lady). Annika and I hit up a coffee shop to get homework done or watch Bridesmaids – actually and watch Bridesmaids. It’s become a tradition, we think its hilarious. Now this isn’t to say the household is a 24/7 zone of rainbows and unicorns without family bickering, but that stuff isn’t enough to rival the other goodness.

2. GORDOOOO. – Man, Gordo is the best. He is our seven year old Westie and he is the most precious doggie ever. Gordo loves to watch tv, like he really watches – it’s crazy, I don’t understand. We make a good team for naps and movie watching and he makes me feel all warm inside with the way he greets me every time I walk through the door.

3. So much food. – I feel like I’m in Heaven every time I come home and open the fridge. Wow. All these homemade meals (like spaghetti and meatballs, chili, or chicken enchiladas to name a few) to indulge in! I thank God often I was given parents who are incredibly talented in the kitchen.

4. Trees. – When we first moved into this house seventeen years ago, we were the second house on the street surrounded by a forest. Leaving this place really makes me miss all the trees! I love running on the hike and bikes and having them tower over me.


5. DVR. – This seems like a materialistic thing to list haha, but it’s true! It was a bummer this winter to miss out on The Bachelor, so coming home and getting to watch a couple recorded episodes of the new Bachelorette was a treat. I guess I am too busy during school to regularly keep up with lots of shows anyway, but its been a great perk to camp out on the couch with Mom and Annika to see what Andi’s next move is!

A quick detour to comment on number five, does anyone else keep up with this show? Gosh, every season I tell myself how ridiculous it is and I can find something better to watch, and every season I watch it anyway. Talk about a guilty pleasure.

Well, today I am off to The Windy City to settle in and prep to start my internship come Monday morning! I’m so excited for the weeks to come, but sad about leaving home sweet home for awhile. I’ll miss my fam and pup a whole lot, but am looking forward to their visit, along with having some time here again in August before the fall semester. Got any fun favorites about going home?? I want to hear!


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