Countdown to Chicago

This summer I will be headed to the beautiful city of Chicago for an advertising internship. I am beyond excited for such a wonderful opportunity and the adventures that await! I leave in exactly one week (ahhhh), so I’ve really got to wrap up getting things organized and ready to go.

I have visited NYC countless times (which I hear people sometimes compare it to), but had never actually been to The Windy City until this spring when the family and I went to explore for a few days. I loved it! I had some of the most amazing food while I was there – a special shoutout to Lou Malnati’s for the best-first-deep-dish-pizza experience ever. My mom, sister, and I also got in some great shopping on Michigan Avenue!

Even though the pictures below don’t show it, it did snow the last day we were there. I am a huge fan of cold weather so I was happy! The low temperatures were so refreshing since it was already starting to warm up in Austin, and I knew that crazy Texas heat was only getting closer. I did feel a little bad for being so excited about the snow though because I am sure all of the locals were over it! It was easy to decipher who was used to the chill because as I walked with my arms wrapped around myself bundled up in a scarf, some people jogged by in yoga pants or were wearing sandals. Props to you peeps.

Haha I love this shot even though it appears as if the taxi is about to hit me...

Haha I love this shot even though it appears as if the taxi is about to hit me…

The Silver Bean

The Silver Bean.


Lou Malnati's - why hello there.

Lou Malnati’s – why hello there.


The Signiture Room view from the top of the John Hancock Building

It was so fun to get in some much needed family time. Aaaand really helpful to check out where I’ll be working and living for a couple months. If you have any suggestions for Chicago must sees or dos, share away so I can add them to my list. I’m looking forward to sharing lots of adventures!


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