want a dogAs many of you know, I am pretty much obsessed with all pups. Young and old. Long hair or short hair. Big or small. Put me in close proximity with a dog and I’m one happy camper, or more realistically probably gasping, staring, and preparing to walk over and ask to pet it.

At the current moment though, it is sadly not the time for Eric and I to add a sweet doggie to our bunch. So in the meantime, I’ve gathered the clear signs that you want a dog, but know you shouldn’t get one…for now.

  1. Whenever you see a dog on the street, you instantly perk up, stare, gasp, aww, say hi to it, point it out to all your friends, pet it, ask the owners questions if you’re close enough – really any of these things. Or all of them.
  2. When you run into friends that have dogs, you ask where their dog is or how it’s doing first. You also go over to friends’ homes to hang out, but also borrow their dog for cuddles.
  3. If you had a dog growing up, or have one back at your parent’s house, you talk about how much you miss it and your mom sends regular photo updates. Here’s Gordo, our nine year old westie, snuggling a stuffed elephant:want a dog
  4. You already know the type of dog breed(s) you want, and have a list of name options.
  5. You look for ways to be around pups regularly, like finding a shelter to volunteer at or reminding pals that you are available for dog-sitting…so pretty plz take a trip.
  6. You follow several dog Instagram accounts to get your daily dose – Zilkerbark and Emma the Westie are two of my faves. want a dog
  7. You have come very close multiple times to making the call that it’s time for the family addition, but always convince yourself otherwise because you know it wouldn’t be fair.
  8. Doggies need love and attention! With work and weekly commitments, you’d feel bad if you had to leave it alone a lot or couldn’t make it home in between things.
  9. You live in a smaller apartment, and don’t exactly know what your next place will look like. It’d be hard for your pup if he didn’t have much room to play and run around, especially when it’s winter and chances of going outside are slim.
  10. You love traveling, and have some big trips you want to take over the next few years, which could present challenges for you and your dog too.
  11. Dogs can cost lots of money, and you don’t want that to be a financial burden that would interfere with your pup’s well being when you’re juggling other costs (ex: in our case wedding things).

So for now, those of you out there like me can just rest easy knowing that one day the great moment when we bring our own dog home will come, and it’s going to be the best!

Days By Day


How is it May already?! This topic seemed especially relevant with how fast time is flying by…

Some days it can be hard to sit down and really be productive, instead of just surfing the web and realizing half an hour later I’ve checked nothing off in my planner. The to-dos can relate to blogging, wedding planning, other emails I’ve marked for later, whatever really – they’re different for everyone, but I think we can all relate to being hit by this struggle.

The main thing I’ve learned is that you have to plan just as much time to relax and recharge, as you do to knock out those to-dos.  I try to continuously keep this top of mind. I also try to not feel guilty when I watch Netflix instead of sitting down to do more work at the end of a long day.

When I am ready to go though, here are some ways I typically stay on a roll when it’s time to get stuff done –

Lists // If you haven’t picked up on it already, I’m a list person. I jot appointments and tasks in my planner religiously – the Rifle Paper one I swear by in my current design here. If that’s not around and I’ve gone things on my mind, I grab the nearest sticky note. I’m also a sticky note person. I love the feeling of checking something off, and physically seeing progress in that way. I’m definitely guilty of having jotted something down once I’ve finished, that wasn’t there before, just to cross it off for a little victory. I realize this probably makes me sound totally lame.

Snacks // I’m kind of a snack addict in general – pita chips, carrots and hummus, pretzels, apple slices, those Trader Joe’s white cheddar puff things, etc. Eric says I have the diet of a toddler, but that’s not true and besides the point (did he see me scarf down that sushi, pizza, and wine this weekend?). When I’m at my desk and feeling slow, pulling out a snack usually provides some good fuel.

The Jams // Music. Music. Music. I love working with the tunes on – whether it’s playing in the space I’m working in or coming through headphones, I feel most focused when I’m working to a soundtrack that suits my mood. This varies from a variety of Spotify playlists: 90s pop throwbacks, 80s rock, worship songs, broadway tracks, coffee shop vibes, Beyonce. I’m very bad at picking a favorite type of music as you can probably tell. I know for some people noise interferes with productivity, but it helps me get the most done.

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 8.25.28 PM

Location // See coffee shop vibes above. They’re usually my favorite spot to sit down at. Preferably by a window, with some latte art in my cup, and lots of natural light. Eric, Becca, and I love to spend Sunday afternoons in coffee shops, working away at our hobbies or planning our next trip abroad. Coffee shops just feel like cooler offices, and I’m always feel motivated by the other art, knowledge, and business that seems to be pursued there.

Timer // This is a good one for when the list of things to get done seems daunting, or there’s a task you’re out to avoid. I just pull up my iPhone timer and do periods of 20 -30 minutes of total dedication. Then in between these sprints, I take time to make a quick phone call, read around on Buzzfeed, or chat with friends also doing the same.

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 8.27.20 PM

Buddy // Perhaps one of the most important ingredients to a productive session – someone also with work to do, ready to sit down and enjoy your company while stuff gets done. Usually for my evening or afternoon pow-wows, Eric is with me. It helps to have someone to bounce questions off of or provide a boost of motivation. It also makes getting your to-dos done super fun! We like to change it up by picking a new spot we haven’t been to before, so we can keep exploring Chicago.

Some Chicago favorite spots: Bow Truss | Bourgeois Pig | Osmium Coffee Bar

What are some ways you stay productive?? Share your best tip in the comments below. 🙂

Days By Day