date ideas

When we all have lots going on in our schedules, it can be tricky to not get stuck doing the same thing. When your finally notbusy, being tired makes it hard to break from the usual too!

With this in mind, I crafted a list of twenty-five date ideas that Eric and I either love doing, or have on our list. Hoping this generates some inspiration for your upcoming plans – whether it’s time with your S.O. or some gal pals!

  1. Tour de Noms, a twist on going out to dinner – pick three new restaurants and try a dish at each for courses of a meal!
  2. Search for a class on Groupon you can take together.
  3. Try out a new recipe. // Eric and I love doing this Sunday nights for dinner. Make extras and you have a couple lunches for the week!
  4. People watch and create backstories. // Airports or parks make the perfect setting.
  5. Hammock outside on a nice day, while reading or jamming to some tunes. // Eric has an Eno perfect for this.                                          date ideas
  6. Attend a comedy show. // The Second City is our favorite here in Chicago.
  7. Redbox + Pizza night –  an easy hit that you can change up by making your own pie!
  8. Exercise together – this can range from a racquetball competition to just taking a really long walk with no destination.
  9. Take a local brewery tour.
  10. Go on a photo booth hunt and collect all the strips you can – is a good resource!
  11. Wake up early for a Farmer’s Market and grab a fresh breakfast.
  12. Try a new coffee shop – no technology, just books, caffeine, and conversation.
  13. Visit a thrift store or garage sale.
  14. Attend a themed party. // You can see Eric and I got really crafty for Becca’s  Harry Potter Halloween event…                             date ideas
  15. BRUNCH. // A repeatedly tested and true favorite that I had to include.
  16. Volunteer together. // I’m trying to find an animal shelter Eric and I can go help out at.
  17. Check out a local fair or amusement park. // One of my favorite things about a Chicago summer?? All the street fests.
  18. Search for a free concert, play, or sporting event in your area.
  19. Get hooked on a weekly reality show and make brackets to guess the winner. // We probably have too many…Survivor, The Amazing Race, and I may or may not have gotten Eric hooked on The Bachelor drama.
  20. Picnic on the lake…or ocean, or at an overlook, or in a park. Don’t forget seasonal drinks!                                                                            date ideas
  21. Go out to a dueling piano bar. // Eric had a favorite back in Austin – Pete’s!
  22. Double, even triple, dates for trivia night at a local bar.
  23. Rent a couple of kayaks or paddle boards and get on the water.
  24. Taco Tuesday. // So many taco places around town have delicious specials for this night.
  25. Fondue night at home – create your own with assortment with cheese, chocolate, and all sorts of dip-worthy snacks.

Have some date ideas I should add to the list?? Share ’em in the comments, friends!

Days By Day


The past couple days have been jam packed with work. I am so happy to be loving what I’m doing though! Lots of exciting things are in the works for my team.

With a productive, yet tiring, couple of days, I have only had time for a couple errands and run by the lake! So for this post, I wanted to share that beautiful picture above and a list of ten things I would not have survived the summer without:

1. Pretzel Crisps – To start off, I called these “Pretzel Chips” until I got here and Cidnye corrected me. I didn’t believe her until she showed me their Instagram…which I now follow. Peanut butter, cheese slices, hummus – these babies go with everything for the ultimate snack.

2. Hummus – My favorite compliment to Pretzel Crisps. And lots of other food.

3. My old pair of Nike Frees – I can’t remember when I got these, but I do know I have run well over two hundred miles on them. I finally got a new pair, but those Nike Frees got me through a summer of some amazing adventures on the lake.

4. Jake Owen & Luke Bryan – I wouldn’t have really considered myself a country fan until this year, and even with that being said, I’m prety selective. But somehow in the past few weeks I stumbled upon these two gents and more often then I would’ve expected, find myself listening to them.

5. A Ventra Card – Public transportation is EVERYTHING. I think I forgot how to drive a car/don’t want to drive a car anymore. People here are dependent on it and it is so convenient. Ventra, I’ll miss you.

6. My gold necklace – I can get cheesy for a moment. This dainty necklace Eric surprised me with when he came to visit has been such a sweet reminder of his support and love during our time apart. Bonus feature – it’s the perfect accessory for every outfit.

7. Liquid eyeliner – Contrary to my belief before moving here, I have been wearing minimal make up. Even less then I would normally wear in Austin. I just throw some of that liquid jazz on, along with some moisturizer and mascara, and hello Chicago.

8. My Nikon – I am so happy I decided to undergo one more carry on for the plane and brought this with me. I have loved going around and snapping photos of the obvious, and not so obvious, beauty constantly around me in Chi-Town.

9. Scandal – I became addicted to this show in a matter of minutes and have been working my way through the three seasons on Netflix since week one. I think its the history and government lover in me. That and Olivia Pope is a boss.

10. Friends – I have met some pretty amazing people in my almost ten weeks in town. When I first arrived, I was unsure how that would all go, and it has worked out better than I could’ve ever imagined. There are some pretty fabulous ladies in my life here that are definitely going to make leaving hard.

Oh Chicago, you have been so good to me. And thankfully, it’s not over yet. Today at work, the interns kick off a pretty intense project due in the following 24 hours – exciting and nerve wracking – and after that, Lollapalooza weekend will be upon us!