how to help after harvey

My heart has been heavy this past week. Watching family, friends, the rest of the Houston community, and neighboring areas suffer from Chicago has been difficult.

My heart has also swelled with Texas pride as I’ve watched people and organizations across the state stand strong and rush to help each other. Seeing the country rally together to provide support and relief has also been a sweet note of hope.

Those who know me know as much as I love traveling, home is always near and dear to my heart. Granted, there are of course some things about Texas that need changing, but I’ve learned that’s the case with most places. The love for my home state will never fade. It’s home.

As we’ve watched the devestation Hurricane Harvey has brought unfold in the media, we are feeling especially far. Eric and I, along with our fellow Houstonians up north, have been hurting for our communities and looking for opportunities to help.

How to Help After Harvey

That being said, I’ve rounded up a list of goods that give back 100% of their proceeds to Harvey relief efforts, as well as organizations that you can donate to and help after Harvey.

Goods That Give Back

how to help after harvey

Texas Forever shirt from Magnolia Market

how to help after harvey

Don’t Mess with Texas candle (and this Howdy Y’all one) from The Burlap Bag

how to help after harvey

Texas Print Art (digital download) from Polish and Plume

how to help after harvey

Texas Isaiah 43:2 tee (or this Texas Strong one) from Sweet Southern Love

how to help after harvey

Texas Strong Pet Bandana from Asher & Gray (Note: 50% of proceeds donated)

Organizations Doing Good

NPR put together this awesome, comprehensive list of organizations you can contribute to. I’ve pulled out a handful below I was interested in when researching, and have linked directly to the Harvey efforts on their site.

General Relief: GlobalGiving, JJ Watt’s Houston Flood Relief Fund

General Relief/Donating Blood: The Red Cross

Food: Feeding Texas, Houston Food Bank

Animals: SPCA of TexasAustin Pets Alive!

Lastly, thank you to all who have reached out regarding my family in the area. They are safe and dry in our pocket of town. We are beyond thankful and ready to serve.

how to help after harvey


The sun came out this week, and the rain has stopped for now. While the road to recovery may be long, for this sweet reminder of God’s presence and hope, I am thankful.

“When you pass through the waters,
    I will be with you…” – Isaiah 43:2

Squeeze your loved ones, friends!

xo dayna


Texas Wildflower title image sourced here.

Boogie Back To Texas


I get to go back to Texas today, y’all! I have been counting down to this weekend for so long now, and the last week of anticipation has been killer. I’m so happy it’s finally here. After work, Eric and I will be making our way to O’Hare to catch a flight to Houston for a night at home.

The main occasion for this weekend’s visit is to celebrate the wedding of two beautiful friends, Michelle and Dalton. I have known Michelle for about 4 years now. She is an absolute gem, one of the most selfless and loving people on this planet. I am always so inspired by her faith and her incredible talent in writing – check out her blog here! We can’t wait to celebrate them.

Since this wedding is taking place a little outside of Austin, Eric and I get to drive into the city early on Saturday morning and reunite with my sister and some of our best friends! I’m pretty sure my immediate reunion with these girls will just consist of a lot of screaming and jumping up and down and being ridiculous – I would expect nothing less.

This will be the first time my two Austin roomies and I will all be in the same place since MAY  – see our post-grad photo booth shot from then below. Same with some other wonderful college friends. So much has happened since then, how does time fly like this??

Boogie Back To Texas

Sunday will be a long day of travel – first, a morning drive back to Houston, and then a flight back to Chicago that evening. It will all be 110% worth it though. Nothing makes me happier than being with the people most important to me and traveling! So, spending my time, money, and energy on things that combine those two is really a no brainer.

I’m definitely going to try and squeeze in a bit of Longhorn tailgating on Saturday, but for sure some yummy Tex-Mex, before heading off to the wedding that afternoon. I can already taste the queso and margs…

On another note, isn’t that print at the start of the post just adorable?? I found it at Printable Wisdom’s Etsy shop. I think I’ll be ordering one real soon!

Happy weekend, friends! Texas, we’re coming for you.



Being back in Austin has been absolutely wonderful! It is so nice to be all set up in my cozy room again and at home with two of my best friends. I feel like I have made up for the ten weeks away by indulging in so many delicious local restaurants.

After being back for a few days and unpacking everything, I packed up yet again for Eric and I’s short visit to support Mom and Annika in some events back home. At the last minute, Eric’s family invited us to see Phantom of the Opera in Dallas, so the trip turned into a drive to what seemed like all over the Lone Star State.

But first, some photos from my first days back in my favorite Texas city. Eric treated me to some flowers and chicken nuggets upon arrival. He knows me too well, what a keeper.


I came back just in time because my roomie Morgan was pet-sitting some precious lab pups. To say I was excited is a total understatement. Anyone that knows me knows about my complete and total consuming love for doggies. I was in Heaven sitting on the floor and watching them run all around.


And lastly, I wasted no time hitting up my favorite spots to grab some grub. Trudy’s Tex-Mex was first on the list – mmm, those margs and that queso. Lick ice cream, Sno-Beach snow cones, and Titaya’s Thai Cuisine all came in the days that followed. I had never been to Lick before – the coolest thing about it is all the unique, crazy sounding homemade flavors that turn out to be totally delish. We really are so spoiled with all these goodies that come with beautiful ATX!

Lick - so yummy!

Lick – the line was wrapped in the hallway all the way to the back of the shop!

Sno-Beach with this stud.

Sno-Beach with this stud.

My time in The Woodlands was much needed. Once school starts, the whole family gets so busy and it just becomes so hard for everyone to be free at the same time. Those days with the fam in my nice home were wonderful – filled with Gordo snuggles, movie marathons, and celebration for my superstar family members.

I was glad I made Mama Reyna’s Meet The Teacher night for her new first graders. They are so cute and she is so good at what she does. I just love watching her greet them with the sweetest hugs and a loving smile. Those parents love her too! Annika also had her first real performance as Drum Major for the high school band – it was so cool to watch her on the field making moves. I’m really proud of that nugget. I can’t wait to watch her at their big competition in San Antonio in a few months.

So happy Annika and one of her oldest friends are getting to work together!

So happy Annika and one of her oldest friends, Rachel, are getting to work together!

After home, Eric and I were off to the Big D! I always have such a fun time with his family, I love getting to visit. Before college, I had never spent time in Dallas since we had no family or friends there. I have now been several times and am a total fan (… of all but the football team of course…Go Texans)!

A big treat of our weekend there was getting to see The Phantom of the Opera downtown; I am such a huge fan of musicals and Broadway.  The performance was awesome – such a talented cast and the music in Phantom is just wonderful.


Eric and I with his brother, Pedro, and sister, Laura.

Blurry evidence of our presence – Eric and I with his brother, Pedro, and sister, Laura.

Eric and I finally arrived back home in Austin 5 days later. It was such a nice last getaway before the hectic nature of school gets back in full swing. Plus, we always seem to have the best road trips.

Tomorrow marks my very last first day of school ever probably. AHHHHHHHH. I don’t know how this happens and how people grow up. Life is complicated and hard and exciting and wonderful all at the same time, isn’t it?? I am beyond thankful for everything, coming to UT was the best decision I could’ve ever made.

Thanks for being patient with me and this little ol’ blog while life has been busy. And I want to take a quick moment to thank Susan Armstrong for her words of love and support last week, she is such a sweetheart and I hope others have been enjoying this as much as she has!

Hope it’s a great day everyone!