summertime in Chicago

Happy June, friends! AKA HAPPY SUMMER CHICAGO. Is there a more appropriate photo to represent this feeling than a movie in the park + rosé?

Well, fingers crossed, this beautiful mid-70 degree weather is here to stay.

I’m not gonna lie, y’all. May was tough, and that’s why I’ve been MIA these last few weeks. Eric and I had to go home unexpectedly for a series of unfortunate events, ranging from surgery to the loss of loved ones – the hardest being my family’s ten year old sweet pup, Gordo, to cancer.

If you’ve lost a pet before, than I know you know how it feels. There are just no words. They are true family members that grow up along side us.

summertime in Chicago

All that being said, the quality time with our families was so, so good and the break from everything else was much needed.

Now that we’re feeling recharged, it’s back to groovin’ and we are ready for summertime in Chicago! The people are out and about, ready to break out of their winter hibernation. It’s a pretty magical feeling – one that makes this city so special.

To celebrate this sweet new season around the corner, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite signs that it’s finally here in The Windy City.

{Paleteria Carts on the Beach} // Bring your cash folks! There’s nothing I love more on a warm Chicago day than hitting up the paleteria vendors on the beach. The authentic Mexican ice cream treats you can find are unbeatable and so delicious – my favorite are the cookies and cream popsicles!

summertime in Chicago

Spoiler alert: These treats can ruin exercise intentions, because sometimes you can’t help but stop for one. Oh, maybe that’s just me?

{Street Festivals} // To me, this is a quintessential sign of summertime in Chicago – street fests on street fests each week. Everyone has been locked up for 8 months, so now every weekend you can find multiple festivals happening across the city.

summertime in chicago

From the best hot dog round up to traditional German celebrations, there’s always something to explore! The best parts? Festivals are often free and come with awesome live music.

Side note: Tuesday movies in the park might not technically count as festivals, but they’re in this same category of awesomeness for us!

{Beaches & Balls} // This one’s pretty straightforward – the warmer it gets, the more packed the beaches get. Our favorite way to spend a Saturday includes tunes, snacks, and back-to-back sand volleyball games.

summertime in Chicago

It’s a strange concept to be laying out on the sand and turning around to a skyline, but it sure is pretty! (Also, confirming this is actual footage from a ChiTown beach.)

{Legs} // Until this month, I literally don’t think I had shown my legs outside since October? Well, except when I desperately ran to the drug store next to us for a dessert craving.

You know when those dresses, shorts, and skirts start showing up all over town, it’s a good sign. And sometimes, you just have to wear them and freeze a little because mind > matter.

summertime in Chicago

{Happy Pups} // It’s a sad sight to see all the cold doggies outside freezing their little bootys off with the rest of us during the winter because they have no choice – they gotta do their business!

That being said, you an tell it’s a good day when all the dogs are out with big smiles instead of pet sweaters. Running in the park, wind in their hair – Chicago summer pups are really living their best lives.

summertime in Chicago

Honoring Gordo with a photo from him soaking up the sun on Fourth of July a few years back. I know he would’ve freakin’ loved summertime in this city.

Now, I’m hoping I totally didn’t just jinx us with all this talk! What are the key signs of summer where you live??

Days By Day

want a dogAs many of you know, I am pretty much obsessed with all pups. Young and old. Long hair or short hair. Big or small. Put me in close proximity with a dog and I’m one happy camper, or more realistically probably gasping, staring, and preparing to walk over and ask to pet it.

At the current moment though, it is sadly not the time for Eric and I to add a sweet doggie to our bunch. So in the meantime, I’ve gathered the clear signs that you want a dog, but know you shouldn’t get one…for now.

  1. Whenever you see a dog on the street, you instantly perk up, stare, gasp, aww, say hi to it, point it out to all your friends, pet it, ask the owners questions if you’re close enough – really any of these things. Or all of them.
  2. When you run into friends that have dogs, you ask where their dog is or how it’s doing first. You also go over to friends’ homes to hang out, but also borrow their dog for cuddles.
  3. If you had a dog growing up, or have one back at your parent’s house, you talk about how much you miss it and your mom sends regular photo updates. Here’s Gordo, our nine year old westie, snuggling a stuffed elephant:want a dog
  4. You already know the type of dog breed(s) you want, and have a list of name options.
  5. You look for ways to be around pups regularly, like finding a shelter to volunteer at or reminding pals that you are available for dog-sitting…so pretty plz take a trip.
  6. You follow several dog Instagram accounts to get your daily dose – Zilkerbark and Emma the Westie are two of my faves. want a dog
  7. You have come very close multiple times to making the call that it’s time for the family addition, but always convince yourself otherwise because you know it wouldn’t be fair.
  8. Doggies need love and attention! With work and weekly commitments, you’d feel bad if you had to leave it alone a lot or couldn’t make it home in between things.
  9. You live in a smaller apartment, and don’t exactly know what your next place will look like. It’d be hard for your pup if he didn’t have much room to play and run around, especially when it’s winter and chances of going outside are slim.
  10. You love traveling, and have some big trips you want to take over the next few years, which could present challenges for you and your dog too.
  11. Dogs can cost lots of money, and you don’t want that to be a financial burden that would interfere with your pup’s well being when you’re juggling other costs (ex: in our case wedding things).

So for now, those of you out there like me can just rest easy knowing that one day the great moment when we bring our own dog home will come, and it’s going to be the best!

Days By Day