the murder mystery company

When it comes to date night, Eric and I are always down to hit up one of our favorite spots, but we’re also big on changing it up and trying something totally new.

That was definitely the case when we attended a dinner and show in town by The Murder Mystery Company!

Neither of us had ever attended a murder mystery show before, so I have to admit, I was a bit hesitant when the Murder Mystery Co. reached out with the opportunity to attend since I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. That being said, you know E and I are always down adventure and we figured this would be fun to check out!

We were totally right.

At The Murder Mystery Co., the theatre troupe serves up a three course meal, along with two hours of interactive, Clue style mystery and intrigue. From the moment we arrived, there was mixing and mingling with interesting characters and fellow attendees turned suspects.

the murder mystery company

Our show was titled ‘Til Death Do Us Part – focused on a wedding day nightmare in which a member of the wedding party was murdered. With a bridezilla, unenthused groom, and slew of mix matched wedding guests (some of which were selected audience members), the plot unfolded as the search began to discover the killer.

We enjoyed a delicious pasta dinner at Salvatore’s in Lincoln Park, where the show took place. This real-life wedding venue turned murder mystery setting for the night has an antique feel, complete with pretty chandeliers, huge mirrors, and a wooden bar with character.

As we enjoyed our food, the actors engaged audience members in brief interrogations, including E! I thought he might get arrested for sneaking in some poison and I’d be headed home without him. Thankfully, he was cleared.

Throughout the show, audience members have opportunities to engage with suspects, gather clues, and work with our dinner table of team members to crack the case. In the end, the killer was revealed and awards were given to the night’s best audience actors.

If you are outgoing, engaging, and down to go with the flow, then an experience with the Murder Mystery Company is one you’d enjoy! It also seems like a popular choice for larger parties celebrating birthdays. Couples who are down to try something new and have a fun loving, easy going attitude will also have a great time.

the murder mystery company

Thanks again to the wonderful cast for having us! If you’re interested in a show by The Murder Mystery Company, learn more here!

date ideas

When we all have lots going on in our schedules, it can be tricky to not get stuck doing the same thing. When your finally notbusy, being tired makes it hard to break from the usual too!

With this in mind, I crafted a list of twenty-five date ideas that Eric and I either love doing, or have on our list. Hoping this generates some inspiration for your upcoming plans – whether it’s time with your S.O. or some gal pals!

  1. Tour de Noms, a twist on going out to dinner – pick three new restaurants and try a dish at each for courses of a meal!
  2. Search for a class on Groupon you can take together.
  3. Try out a new recipe. // Eric and I love doing this Sunday nights for dinner. Make extras and you have a couple lunches for the week!
  4. People watch and create backstories. // Airports or parks make the perfect setting.
  5. Hammock outside on a nice day, while reading or jamming to some tunes. // Eric has an Eno perfect for this.                                          date ideas
  6. Attend a comedy show. // The Second City is our favorite here in Chicago.
  7. Redbox + Pizza night –  an easy hit that you can change up by making your own pie!
  8. Exercise together – this can range from a racquetball competition to just taking a really long walk with no destination.
  9. Take a local brewery tour.
  10. Go on a photo booth hunt and collect all the strips you can – is a good resource!
  11. Wake up early for a Farmer’s Market and grab a fresh breakfast.
  12. Try a new coffee shop – no technology, just books, caffeine, and conversation.
  13. Visit a thrift store or garage sale.
  14. Attend a themed party. // You can see Eric and I got really crafty for Becca’s  Harry Potter Halloween event…                             date ideas
  15. BRUNCH. // A repeatedly tested and true favorite that I had to include.
  16. Volunteer together. // I’m trying to find an animal shelter Eric and I can go help out at.
  17. Check out a local fair or amusement park. // One of my favorite things about a Chicago summer?? All the street fests.
  18. Search for a free concert, play, or sporting event in your area.
  19. Get hooked on a weekly reality show and make brackets to guess the winner. // We probably have too many…Survivor, The Amazing Race, and I may or may not have gotten Eric hooked on The Bachelor drama.
  20. Picnic on the lake…or ocean, or at an overlook, or in a park. Don’t forget seasonal drinks!                                                                            date ideas
  21. Go out to a dueling piano bar. // Eric had a favorite back in Austin – Pete’s!
  22. Double, even triple, dates for trivia night at a local bar.
  23. Rent a couple of kayaks or paddle boards and get on the water.
  24. Taco Tuesday. // So many taco places around town have delicious specials for this night.
  25. Fondue night at home – create your own with assortment with cheese, chocolate, and all sorts of dip-worthy snacks.

Have some date ideas I should add to the list?? Share ’em in the comments, friends!

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