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Welcome, friends! I’m so excited about the re-launch of my little ol’ lifestyle blog. What do ya think??

If you didn’t know, I originally started this blog a couple of years ago to have a creative outlet where I could pursue my love for writing and photography. It came just before I was off to Chicago for a summer internship, and become the perfect place for me to keep family and friends updated on life in The Windy City.

In the last year, I have truly realized what an awesome blogging community is out there, and all the potential it can hold. That being said, this year I’m looking forward to growing this space, consistently posting, and connecting more with other bloggers out there!

These past few weeks, completing the switch to a self-hosted WP.org site has been a great learning experience. I sat down and did a lot of research on different designs, hosts, and how to make the transition. I chose to host my blog through Siteground and have loved it so far. The customer service has been wonderful, and they have tons of tutorials online.

The second huge part of this transition has been the theme I decided on from Pipdig. This site has a variety of beautiful designs you can totally make your own, and will even help you transfer your WP.com blog over when you host with Siteground (more info here). Phil was so helpful and patient throughout this process. I’m beyond happy with Days By Day’s new look.

I plan to write up some (hopefully) helpful how-to posts about this whole switch in the coming weeks – in the meantime, feel free to ask any questions in the comments!

If you might be a newer face, I’m glad you’re here! You can learn some more about the lady behind the blog here, but in the meantime, here are some quick facts:

  • I made the move from Austin to Chicago last summer for my first big girl job in advertising.
  • Eric is my person. We got engaged last June in Paris, while we backpacked Europe for a month.
  • I’m obsessed with dogs, traveling, books, fall, and boots.
  • I’m not the best cook, but I’m the queen of Trader Joe’s microwaveable meals and make a mean grilled cheese.
  • My first concert was Britney Spears. My second was NSYNC, but don’t ask me to choose between them and the Backstreet Boys.
  • I consider myself to be somewhat of a brunch expert – it’s my favorite weekend activity.

Hope you enjoy what you find around here, stay connected on social, and reach out to say hi!


Days By Day

Lovin' this blogger perfect desk style from Peep My Style.

Lovin’ this blogger perfect desk look from Peep My Style.

I am such a reader, but with all the hustle and bustle of school and work last semester, I didn’t usually have the chance to sit down each day with a good book! My goal is to knock out at least a few books off my list this summer, but in the evening after a long day at the office, it’s sometimes hard to get through as much as I would like to. That’s why I am so thankful to have found a collection of blogs that can give me my daily dose of humorous, insightful, and inspiring stories to hold me over when I lack free time or energy. I decided to put together a quick list to share so you can get in on them too!

1. Story of My Life – This lifestyle blog is run by an adorable Austin writer and photographer named Jenni. I heard about it from a friend and instantly loved the honesty, passion, and humor. She has lots of great posts about things to do in ATX, her cute doggies, looking stylish in pieces we can all afford, her photography business, and more!

2. Tales of Me and the Husband – Bridget runs this blog from the Boston area. I adore her wit and lightheartedness and honest thoughts. She has the cutest style posts, family photos, and gives readers lots of insight to her life, making her seem like a friend you could chat with forever.

3. Dreaming Big Dreams – This beautiful blog focuses on faith, family, and life in Austin. Jamie Ivey does an amazing job of creating posts that readers can easily relate to and gain advice from. Her husband, Aaron, is a talented musician who leads worship at my church, The Austin Stone. I really enjoy reading about her sweet kiddos and seeing how God is working some awesome stuff in her life.

4. The Daily Tay – Taylor is the owner of this blog who resides in the Chicago area and seems like one cool chick! She performs stand up comedy, has the cutest pup named Harlow, and posts funny lists and colorful pictures from her city adventures. Taylor makes daily blogging look easy while being full of charm.

5. Hope Engaged – I really enjoy this lifestyle blog run by Katie from California. She has lots of posts about her travels and volunteer work around the world, which I love reading because hopefully I can do some cool stuff like that one day too! Katie is so open with her readers, and whether they are from day-to-day life or trips around the world, her photos are always beautiful.

These talented ladies are awesome, I hope you get a few minutes to check them out! I’m sure the more I explore, my list will definitely grow. And this is totally not to say you won’t catch me lounging around Grant park with a book in hand over these next couple months – wow, that scenario makes me so happy just thinking about it.

If you’ve got any favorite bloggers to recommend, I’d love to hear! Hope everyone has a great Friday!