Valentine’s Day is just a week away…eeek! I know some people have their complaints about it, but another chance to shower your people with reminders that you love them?? That’s definitely my type of day. It… View Post

I remember being told having just a couple jackets in Chicago wouldn’t be enough, and I definitely believe that now. You actually need a palette of options for all the different weather combos. Indecisive weather?… View Post

I was hooked on Renegade Craft Fair the first time I went a year ago. This is such a cool event, and the good news is it happens a few times a year all around… View Post

So last Friday on the first post of a “Currently” series I think I’m going to start doing, I mentioned that lately one thing I’ve been looking to dive into is calligraphy. After some additional research and chatting… View Post

One of my favorite things about Chicago is all the festivals and markets that always seem to be going on, especially during the summer. The great thing about the Christmas season though, is the Holiday edition… View Post