Just a couple weeks ago, what feels like half of campus takes off to Dallas, Texas for all the festivities that come with the famous TX-OU Red River Showdown. If you didn’t know, The University… View Post

What is this?? A blog post? Well it’s about dang time! That’s what I’m telling myself. I’ve realized how much more chaotic life is when you’re juggling school, organizations, an internship, and real life decisions all… View Post

Saturday I had lunch at grilled cheese Heaven – a.k.a Cheesie’s. I had been hearing about this joint since my first week in town, and being the melted cheese between two slices of toasty bread lover… View Post

We are a family that loves being in the kitchen – my parents and Annika mostly for whipping up phenomenal dishes, me mostly for taste testing or assisting with basic recipe tasks. So one thing I knew my… View Post

I can’t believe there is less than four weeks left to my time here in this beautiful city. When I first came to Chi-Town, I told myself I wasn’t just going to blindly claim it… View Post