It’s always the worst when blogging has to take a back seat, but these last few weeks have just been one busy pow wow and I’ve wanted to be 100% present in all of it.… View Post

I think this is going to be a pretty exciting month…it actually already has proven to be. This morning, Eric found out he passed the first of two tests he needs to get his professional engineering license!… View Post

Now I didn’t want to make a post all about our Valentine’s Day, but Eric and I did some of our favorite things at two awesome Chicago spots, so I had to share and encourage you all to… View Post

In mid-January, I checked another state off my list when the Chicago fam made our way to the little town of Charlevoix in northern Michigan. Becca’s dad owns a cabin up in some [currently] knee-high snowy… View Post

Last Sunday, I was able to cross off one of the coolest fall activities ever off my list – apple picking, wahoo! Becca, Eric, our friends Layne, Anne, and I got real adventurous and decided to… View Post